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Minimap Transparency!

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Hey guys,

So ive started playing champions that use skillshots a lot ( Like Lux or Fizz's ult ) and ive been having a lot of trouble if theres a champion below me because of the Minimap.

As it stands, we cant bring the skill track beyond the minimap which really cuts down the range of a lot of skills if the enemy happens to be in that area, which also lets them get in range for their own abilities.

Right now the only option we have as far as I know, is to shrink the minimap in the interface options which causes us to lose all of our map awareness.

It would be fantastic if the Minimap would become transparent, and allow us to bring the ttrack through it which would fix the problem without losing any map awareness.

Thanks for reading!

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Maybe having a skillshot active where the line is displayed could cause hovering the minimap to do this, so you can still play with the map normally until you need the feature. Then you can click the map area and the skillshot will activate in that direction. Could make it work for each section of the UI too.