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Viable Shaco

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Malleus Malefica



I want to return to the jungle and later play ranked. Currently I play unranked (im gonna wait till i have more wins under my belt) support bottom and APC.

Champs I can play reliably are Sona, Annie, Morgana, Amumu (lane), Soraka (kinda), Xerath, and Veigar (though havent played him recently.

A while during season 2 I took a couple months to learn jungle shaco and it was fun until I reached level 30 and the play style I learned with Shaco stopped working, he was so much fun to play but as players became more skilled they warded better and were out of place less often leaving Shaco little room for his surprise ganks. Sadly I hung up the shivs but now I want to try once more.

I was thinking of focusing on the counter jungle with a Smite/Clairvoyance combo though this reduces his ability to escape if his deceive is down. Id go with Apen quint, and then atk speed, damage and armor runes.

I would build boots of mobility along with wriggles lantern and then.. well, not sure

Do i go ATK damage, speed, and lifesteal?

Or do I got atk dmg, speed, lifesteal and crit?

What order should i focus on what?

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Oak Senpai




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Senior Member


wriggles should give you enough sustain for what you will be doing, you cant win 1 vs 1 vs most champs unless the fight is heavily slanted so better to break off a fight and flee rather than try and out sustain.

so after wriggles and mobility your core item is infinity edge, it will give you all the things you need to do noticable damage in a short space of time.

after that you need attack speed, most people recommend the static shiv which gives attack speed, more crit and some AOE lightning for split pushing

from there prob black cleaver/last whisper then defensive items