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Champion Select Troll (Chat log inside)

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DeadOnDrugs: ttop
Cpt AwesomeSuace: mid
Mister Eon: mid or jungle pref
Mister Eon: also hello
Cpt AwesomeSuace: hi
oSWINDLEo: im mid
oSWINDLEo: this is ******* normal
Mister Eon: well that is a nice ambition
oSWINDLEo: im here to practice mid
oSWINDLEo: so I'm going mid
Kyzal: lol
Mister Eon: should have blind picked
Cpt AwesomeSuace: wow
Kyzal: why u play draft
oSWINDLEo: im mid...
Mister Eon: lol what a noob
oSWINDLEo: njah
oSWINDLEo: just sick of feeders
Cpt AwesomeSuace: i called mid
oSWINDLEo: ******* ******s
oSWINDLEo: I dont give a ****
oSWINDLEo: what u called
oSWINDLEo: im going mid
Cpt AwesomeSuace: but your going to be a ****
DeadOnDrugs: troll
Cpt AwesomeSuace: so i guess supp
DeadOnDrugs: lol
Kyzal: 5mid
oSWINDLEo: too bad
Cpt AwesomeSuace: ok
Mister Eon: wow did someone stay home sick from elementary today
oSWINDLEo: middle school *****
DeadOnDrugs: so I'm going mid
oSWINDLEo: nope
Mister Eon:
Cpt AwesomeSuace: kill lane bot ?
DeadOnDrugs: I don't mind duo'ing mid
Mister Eon: man the middle schooler might complain to his parents at you
DeadOnDrugs: good luck getting cs though
Kyzal: ^
oSWINDLEo: **** yo
oSWINDLEo: ill use mana to last hit
oSWINDLEo: no biggy
DeadOnDrugs: lol
DeadOnDrugs: you'll try
oSWINDLEo: soo YOU good luck
oSWINDLEo: and feel free to report me
oSWINDLEo: I dont give a ****
DeadOnDrugs: good thing too
DeadOnDrugs: but I'm calling your bluff
oSWINDLEo: nothing will happen
Kyzal: why twitch?
oSWINDLEo: on a first offense
Cpt AwesomeSuace: wut?
Cpt AwesomeSuace: oh ****
Kyzal: why did u pick another carry
Mister Eon: lol only way we are going to win is with 2 carry
DeadOnDrugs: you think that nothing will happen, but it really depends how many people press punish
Cpt AwesomeSuace: i didnt notice you went corki
oSWINDLEo: it happens how often
oSWINDLEo: ur reported
Cpt AwesomeSuace: ill just roam
oSWINDLEo: one rage game
Cpt AwesomeSuace: hard leash red
oSWINDLEo: out of a thousand?
Cpt AwesomeSuace: im not jungling
oSWINDLEo: plzzxxxx
Cpt AwesomeSuace: just ganks

I am DeadOnDrugs, obviously. I have the chat filters on b/c I get angry at people cussing me out for no reason, so idk why he was actually saying. He was trolling for mid and the person who originally called mid was going to let him have it, but I don't give in to trolls, so I first picked mid (oSwindleo was last pick) and that's where he starting cussing. He ended up dodging with about 2 seconds left, which is why i'm posting this here instead of in a post game report.

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Regardless of where it is, it's against the rules to call out any player on the forums.