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Suggestion, get loss forgiven when someone is afk

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Junior Member


ok riotgames.
I will hold back my urge to swear and talk about how bad you guys are at listening to feedback, so maybe you will continue to ignore.
It is good that you introduced the honor initiatives, but you need to to better at taking care of good customers.
Can you please actually ban people who are reported? I know they can make a new one again, but at least they won't be able to play ranked for a while.
AFK leavers in ranked games are just not fair. Wouldn't be logical for a team with someone who has been afk to get loss forgiven?
Also verbal abuse is getting out of hand.
The game is already infamous for its horrible community and support so improve.
It is not a nice feeling when (although I do ignore it) there is an afk leaver in my team and some idiot in their team spams 'noob' 'get owned'. in this case the user was 'Helscythe'

I love this game. It is probably the only game that I have continued to play for a long time. But I hope you change your thinking. You probably don't want to ban those idiots because they continue to play and spend money. But I think that is so disappointing to see you guys thinking that it is not important to create and maintain a healthy community.

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Senior Wrenchman


Hey Nilo,

Two things that may be helpful here.

1. This already exists, the new ranked system takes into account leaves and disconnections on your team and automatically reduces your LP loss if you lose a ranked game.

2. The reason it's not called "Loss Forgiven" is because that term is related specifically to the server protection status and is only available system wide during a widespread server issue. Loss Forgiveness in terms of what you see in match history cannot be applied to individual accounts or games.