"League Hell"

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I'm aware of this, I used to watch LoLreplay after everyone of my matches before doing another (It needs to update for season 3) I can keep up with the golds easily (my friends account) not sure about platinum or Diamond, But I do better then my buddy.The thing is I just keep getting teammates that don't know the mechanics of the game maybe ONE if I'm lucky.. I enjoy playing on my friend gold account A LOT because I can carry almost every game. My team is actually responding to me and not saying "STFU NOOB" every 2 seconds. which takes me about 10 minutes into the game or so to calm them down. which usually happens when I'm 5-1 or whatever. they only respond do you nicely when you're doing well solely. People will follow you when they shouldn't be, it's like you're the statue of liberty or something. IDK... I put myself in this low ELO back when I played with my 800 elo buddy not realizing how little people knew at that level I dropped HARD. we played about 30 games together. I got him up to silver but I'm just screwed. I KNOW ****TY GRAMMAR It's 4am. and I'm a gamer, not a scholar :P