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Looking for Jungler Teacher!

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Junior Member


I've been jungling for about a month now (my team needed one) And i am currently or use to be a Top laner.

I know alot of aspects of jungling from guides and many more. I know alot about jungling but i feel like i could ALWAYS learn more. If anyone is willing to coach me.

skype: xgeneralbk

it would be much appreciated :3

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Senior Member


I am on hiatus from playing League, I've played for around a year and a half. But in the past few months I've lost my stomach for the community, too many games of getting blamed for nothing I guess. But I'm still a good tactician and I'd be happy to give you some time for pointers and some builds. I have around 700 games of playing Jungle. If you like you can add me and we'll figure something out.