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'No Fear!' Digi-Art Fizz

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Mioucha Fr:
So cool !

Thanks Glad you like it

Folly Inc:
that's pretty stellar. That's a shard of true ice on his back isn't it?

Also, this may just be me being stupid, but is that some kind of super baron?

Super Saiyan Baron
Originally this was supposed to be some kind of ancient creature Fizz tries to capture for op ulti ownage. Its silhouette looks alot like barons tho.

i really am trying to get good at drawing and painting but im not nearly as good as this!


lol give advice plz

There's tons of information on the interwebs. Look up the youtube channels of Sycra, Kienan Lafferty, imaginefx, idrawgirls, markcrilley. They provide loads of tutorials and how-to-draws. Ctrlpaint.com is good to learn basic techniques. Buy books about anatomy, color relations, proportions, perspective, light and shadow. You can find all the information you need online tho.
If you draw faces, take a look at the proportions. You can generally fit one eye size between the two eyes and the mouth rests in the middle of nose and chin and such things. If you get the proportions right, it starts to look right.
In the end it's all about practice tho. You have to work hard to become good. No magic involved.

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This has to win, the pure tension this picture eludes, is just mind boggling. It's tough, mean, daring, and overall amazing. You deserve to win, 100%, with a picture as well done as this.