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Harlem shake video from RIOT?

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Junior Member


What is a Harlem Shake video? Basically a 30-ish second long video of just nonsense.
Here are two videos that best portray what it is:

Requirements for the video:
One person must be in some sort of a helmet.
That same person must thrust the air for the first 15 seconds.
Then a wild breakdown where everyone goes mental.

Your move RIOT.

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Senior Member


"Harlem Shake" is a dance in the '80s which is actually really easy.. It's becoming mainstream now as sort of a flash mob (except you're not really flashing people).

Basically the trend is that one person does the Harlem Shake and a few seconds after the video is edited to everyone doing a repeated action of any kind.

I am making one with some friends.. I got a bong, 2-liter of soda, and plenty of more nonsense.