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Texture Problems

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hi im cueball

Junior Member


Trying to help a friend solve this problem.

Not sure what is causing these issues, but Ive been experiencing them for the past few months and am getting pretty fed up with it. In the first video, it shows the glitch I get randomly on a variety of different characters / minions. Glitches like that can emanate from all types of minions, neutral creeps, baron, or dragon. It can also happen to champions. The second video shows random map glitches that seem to just be completely random, not emanating from anything. All of these glitches have no pattern, and sometimes I can get rid of them by switching my graphic settings (mainly windowed mode to full screen mode), but usually it just moves the glitch to a different spot of the map.


I've tried updating my drivers, repairing LoL, switching the shadows / v-sync / envirornment settings, updating dirext x

Thanks in advance for any help.