Best Retsupurae quotes

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Retsupurae is one of my favorite youtube channels, so I've decided to make a thread of their most memorable quotes. Feel free to add

-"Its like Patrick from Spongebob playing Metroid, Jesus!" -Slowbeef

-"You have fcked me for the last time Waddle Doo!" -Proteus

-"Lets play Kirby Superstar! Fck you, mom!" -Shmorky

-"I'm a White Mage, unlike those Black Mage people" -Diabetus

-"Wily is not even Asian, that was racist for the sake of being racist." -Slowbeef

-"Ohhhh, I'm incompetent in games! Ohh silly me!" -Slowbeef

-"This game is made by jerks, for jerks." -Dave_O

-"Social Services is going to take away this kid! What kind of parenting could lead to a video like this?" -Slowbeef

-"Holy sh!t, hes like The Unabomber Jr." -Slowbeef

-"I want to see what these people are rating 4 stars! I want to know! Its just like a picture of some guy's hairy ass for 8 minutes! I guess not quite as good as the slanted camcorder playing fcking Smash Bros." -Slowbeef