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Problems with 3v3

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Army Of Frost

Senior Member


Hi all, i've been playing 3s lately and found something seriously wrong.

AP casters are nearly completely useless
Amumu is stupid broken
Singed is stupid broken

Basically any bruisers in 3v3 are OP, especially champs like garen, jax, darius, xin zhao ect ect

Its come to the point where i am seeing atleast 1 of these champs in every single 3s game.

Riot, you need to do something to make AP casters more viable in 3s, possibly a change to the altar system giving more AP and HP to casters that scales with level.

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Senior Member


come face me with a bruiser with my heim or cass then or your opinion will greatly run away XD
But yes, they balance and update stuff for SR which affect 3v3 a lot.

For instance, Darius/tryn/Jax are far from op in 5s, (tryn is lol), but in 3v3, that team would wreck your face no matter what XD.
Another exemple is that , darius can pwn someone in a fight and hard to stop. If the fight goes from 3v3 to a 3v2, its a huge difference compared to 5v5 to 5v4 where he is easily stoppable even there.

I remember back then all those tryn qq thread it was crazy. For 3v3 , tryn was a 90% win right at the moment you picked it. But in 5v5, the only way he was doing something is if he was fed, but at that point which champ wouldn't be owning once fed.

I still think that bruiser/tank/Ap is the best way to go.

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Singed is tough on TT, but Amumu is so weak early you can wreck him.

You have to play AP champs that have some CC. Zyra and Lux are good options. Swain can be pretty nasty. Pair them with a CC tank (Ali, Malph, Rammus) to help protect them and you'll do well.

It's all about positioning. If they have 3 bruisers, you can't bunch up and go toe to toe, you have to space out, and beat them down. The best teams I play against on TT are good at spacing and engaging/disengage/re-engage.