Questions for the creative team.

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With the recent release of the Quinn Pages, and reading some of the discussion in the Heavy Handed thread I wanted to just ask a few questions

1. Was the Quinn journal page kind of like it's own separate thing? Free of conspiracies, just a quick slightly overly blatant way of saying "Hey, here's this champ, this is her story, enjoy ". I'm not saying it was bad, I really loved the release, and I understand that you dumbed it down a bit to make it pretty simple (Even though many people thought she killed Talon when the first page made it obvious it wasn't him.) What I'm asking is, will future lore releases contain potentially enormous plot lines full of the conspiracies we once had, or will the majority be a bit dumbed down for the General Discussioneers?

2. Are releases going to be unique for champions in the future? I liked the Quinn journal, it felt personal, something unique to her with her journal writing. Will future releases have their own unique way of sharing their background or showing what they're all about?

3. I understand that the JoJ had some internal and invisible problems associated with it, but I feel like the job it did it did it well. Considering it was pretty much three different newspaper articles, and a few summoner letters being answered, it conveyed an entire secret plot line as well as giving insight to a lot of characters. It didn't narrow itself down because it was a newspaper, so any article could pretty much be about anyone or anything. Is this future lore going to be something similar, where it can portray any event regarding any champion at any time, or are we going to have some smaller pieces that narrow things down a great deal?

4. Will future lore be aimed at the lore forums, or the General Discussion forums? I understand the GD forums gets a lot more views what with it's waterfalling, and back to question one, will this affect the lore that is released.