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Pride Gaming League #1 - 200$ cash prize

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Bae Life

Junior Member


Pride Gaming League is holding a 8 team tournament with the prize of 200$ to the winning team. Check us out at our website at PrideGamingLeague.com ! Please add PrideGamingLeague on skype for more information about the tournament!

Tournament begins on March 15th at 3:00pm EST

-Pride Gaming League Rules-
1. All levels permitted.

2. Only registered players are allowed to play

3. All Teams will be required to uphold a level of sportsmanship.

4. Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in immediate disqualification

5. Players are not permitted to provide their accounts for use by other Players.

6. If an unintentional disconnection takes place within the first 3 minutes of the Match, the Match will be restarted with the same bans and champion selections. If a player disconnects after 3 minutes into play, the match will continue and the result of the match will be accepted whether the disconnected player ever reconnects or not. (if a "first blood" has proceeded within said 3 minutes the match cannot be restarted without the approval of both team captains)

7. All matches are
Summoner rift
Tournament draft

8. Spectators are allowed as long as both team permits the use of them.

9. Both team leaders must screenshot the ending results and send it to the PGL admin to verify a finished match

200$ & 20 Pride Points 1st place team *only applicable within the U.S over paypal
15 Pride Points 2nd place team
10 Pride Points 3nd place team


*Tournament entry fee is 10$ a person and 50$ a team(unlimited players) please add pridegamingleague to skype for this process.

*Prizes will be handed out immediately after the tournament.

*If the tournament does not start all money sent will be refunded to the original sender.