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Looking for Serious, Mature, 5v5 Ranked Team.

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I'm currently looking for a good social family friendly 5v5 Ranked Team. I got a high amount of LoL gametime. I'm an' old Supporter in a ranked team of 1700 elo. I do play any role needed for my team to secure victory. I'm also a very friendly person, who never rages on you personally, or harras you in any way. Used to be game captain and that worked well for my old team.

If you have a team and you want me for a trail or tryout? Add Sence900p to LoL and Skype.

Personal details:

Mature 17 year old from Sweden.
3 Family members.
Usage of voice communications, Mumble,Vent,Teamspeak and Skype. ( Steam if nessesary)