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Basic Tips and Tricks for PBE Newcomers!

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*This is a work in progress post and only reflects my experiences, please provide feedback and list suggestions!

'Lo everyone. I'm sure many of you are seasoned PBE veterans and probably know all of this stuff, but I'd like to create a comprehensive list of common things to look for when a new patch rolls out in order to find the bugs as quickly as possible for newcomers to the PBE. I myself am trying to get back into bug hunting (I've been grinding the ranked ladder as of late) and I've only really had experience with finding champion bugs, and not so much things air-client side.

That being said, let's start off with some quick Q&A

1. What sort of mindset should I bring to the PBE?
Basically, you want to break the game/air client. But don't worry! You're doing it with the best intentions. You'll be wanting to think outside the box. Some champions, new or old, have very nuanced or technically/mechanically unique skills that create very interesting interactions.

2. In what game mode should I bug-find?
In my experience, bugs are typically found by playing normal 5v5 games on any mode, be it Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline, Proving Grounds or Dominion. The natural competitive nature and wanting to unload your full arsenal has a way of just pulling out bugs from the nether, especially when they end up costing you a kill. Then, once you're done you'll want to ping a buddy to join you in a 1v1 custom game using preferably the same setup (champions, items, skins, etc).

3. I found a bug! What do I do with it?!
Fret not, noble PBE tester! You'll want to refer to here (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2756076) for proper format of bug report submission. But here's a tl;dr:
- Name the bug (should be similar to the one in the thread title)
- How important it is to the health/stability of the game (Minor/Major/Critical)
- Describe how you found it, what happens when it's done correctly
- List reproduction steps!

4. How do I run a dxdiag?
Sometimes a Rioter may ask for you to attach a dxdiag to your post to see the source of a bug, or why you may have experienced it, if it is unique to you. Here's how (for Windows)

Click on the “Start” globe/Windows button in the bottom-left or your screen.
Where it says “Search programs and files” at the bottom, type “dxdiag” and hit the Enter key.
If you see a button that says “Run 64-bit DxDiag”, click it. If you do not see the “Run 64 bit DxDiag” button, skip to the next step.
Click the “Save All Information” button. Make a note of where you save the file, so you can locate it (desktop is a good idea)
Exit the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window.
When submitting a message, locate and attach the file to your post.

5. What else can I do to help?
Good question! Keep a lookout for bugs that are reported and try to repro them yourself! As of late, Rioters such as Xelnath have been requesting community help in finding bugs. So keep that F5 key well oiled, and be ready to help when you can!

Alright, now let's start with some common tips and tricks! Hopefully eventually Riot will be so efficient at stamping this bugs out that this thread becomes obselete. Again, feel free to offer suggestions! My knowledge is not all-encompassing (yet), so help is much appreciated.

Champion bugs

1. Does the new champion have an ability with a unique interaction e.g. (upon unit kill/champion kill/summoned pet kill/Teemo kill, does X)? Use alternative targets, such as champions with clones! Often, this can be used for feedback more than bug testing, though they could be intended but feel like a bug.(should the ability get the benefit from killing the clone? Y/N)

2. Does the champion have an ability that gives targetted mobility (e.g. Akali ult, Kat's Shunpo)? Use binding CC on them! Sometimes (Darius had this on PBE) the champion will still be able to use the ability even when bound if an enemy is nearby. This should not happen, because mobility spells should be disabled while a champion's movement is restricted.

3. Does the champion have an ability that CC's the target as well as damage them? (Example: Vi ult). Test it on champions who get CC immunity, such as Morgana's Black Shield, or Poppy and Olaf's ults. In Vi's case, if her target was CC immune they would take no damage!

4. Does the champion have an ability that gives or scales from a % of bonus stats, such as health, AD, etc? Break out the calculator and make sure your runes and masteries are being factored into the equation.

5. Similar to above, if the champion has an ability that amplifies damage (such as the notorious Talon E bug), break out the calculator and make sure they are indeed taking increased damage. Check the damage tick, and their HP before and after taking damage.

Skin Bugs
Disclaimer: Many skins arrive on the PBE in an incomplete state, and Rioters are probably aware of stuff such as missing particles. However, that incomplete state allows us to explore every nook and cranny of the skin in order to find tasty bugs!

1. Does anything funky happen with colours when you use an ability? Common things to look for are champions turning blue, terrain flashing different colours, or missing particle effects.

2. Is there any broken geometry in the skin? Does the walking animation look as intended?

Adobe Air Client/PVP.net Bugs

1. ???

That's all I can think of for now, because I need some coffee to get my brain started. I'll be checking back on this thread for more stuff to add! Thanks in advance to those who help, and I certainly hope this thread doesn't get buried. But hey, if it does, it's probably because of so many bugs being found!

Edit1: Added how to do a dxdiag

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Thanks for posting this, man!

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for pvp.net add stuff about the shop and new champs and skins. especially skins not always being available even if they're released. GUI issues as well with the client.