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League points, from noob

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I been playing really solid latley working myself up in the bronze tiers. 5 wins all rewarding ( 9 ) league points total. I lose ONE GAME and i receive ( -19 ) League points.

Is this really your legitimate way of balancing everybody ? How is this possibly beneficial to me if I am infact the better player, hoping to move up in divisions/tiers ?

dont mind losing, it's just part of the game, but I play ranked to challenge myself, and progress. This not feeling progressive or beneficial, 9 game streak and u don't even budge it feels like..... last 4 wins +9 but u take -19? if say if in 3 games you'd retract all my points and remove my from a tier i worked all day to get into, do you really think your system is correct?

no crying, just wondering why it's this strict....It's too hard :<

should I duo? from now on

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The LP gain/loss is based off of your hidden MMR (Matchmaking Rating, formerly Elo). If you are in a division that doesn't match your MMR, the points lost/won will get modified appropriately. Be confident that if you are in a division way below your MMR, then you will skip divisions when you finally get promoted.