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Introducing the ESportsCentral.net Cup, a competitive Amateur LoL league!

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Full-Info: http://esportscentral.net/escc/

This is a League of Legends League. For the time being (unless we get a lot of people that are interested) it will consist of:

-32 teams
-4 divisions (8 teams per division)
-8 matches, one per week
-Best 16 teams advance to playoff
-Gifted RP prizes to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams

At the end of the eight week regular season, the top 4 teams from each division (16 teams total) will be bracketed into a 16-team, single-elimination, best-of-three (per round) playoff (what most LoL tournaments use nowadays). Teams will be seeded #1-4 in their own divisions, and teams that finish at the top of their respective divisions will face teams that finish fourth in other divisions (#2 teams will face #3 teams from another division, etc.). Divisions will be selected randomly.

To sign up (first read more on the wedpage so you know more about what your signing up for) use the forms on http://esportscentral.net/escc-sign-up/

Restrictions (subject to change)
-On the NA server
-Summoner level 30

Game Reporting – After a match is played, the team leader from both teams will send a screenshot of the match results to us and we will record the outcome.

We were thinking of a simple schedule: The two teams have Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday (of their choosing) to play their weekly match; it will be the responsibility of the two teams to find a mutually agreeable time on one of those four days). if the teams do not show up at that time for their match, they will receive a loss. We hate to do this, but nothing will derail the season quicker than teams flaking on their weekly matches!

If teams cannot agree on a time, a mandatory Sunday night match will be scheduled at 9pm EST/6pm PST.

For the season-ending tournament, there will be set times (set up/negotiated way in advance so as to avoid conflict as much as possible) for each of the tournament best-of-three series, so as we can stream and cast the events. But that is down the road.

Team Signups - Just follow the instructions on the sign-up tab of the webpage. It is recommended that you have a substitute, but it is not required.
We will accommodate as many teams as possible, but there is a limit. 32 teams,

We want to make this as pain-free as possible while making it an awesome experience for both us as coordinators and for you all as participants!

Contact Information: Please send your comments to [email]escc@esportscentral.net[/email]. Or add our summoner names on the NA server for more direct responses (Tokinblack, bobthedude, or LichMyTaint). The best way for this project to succeed is for us to be as available for questions and comments as possible, so please feel free to contact us at any time!

The ESCC Team!

EDIT - Sorry! I forgot to add the start date! We are starting the week of February the 25th, approximately two weeks from today!