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So is it possible to get rid of the dominion cursor bug without restarting?

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I like to play Dominion pretty frequently, and once in a while my cursor will disappear. I don't mind this since I've learned to just change the cursor settings, but other games disable that option so I have to restart my computer every time I want to play something else and it's kind of frustrating. Anyone figure out a way to get rid of it without restarting your computer?

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A Slime Appears

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There seems to be some potential solutions near the end of this thread here....


I've never had that problem so I can't say if any of them work. Sadly, it seems the red that created the thread has long since abandoned it, so don't expect a bug fix any time soon : \

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Try changing your resolution.

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I have found a work around and how to do it as some people cannot find the Disable Catalyst AI option.

Option 1:
Go to your system tray
- Right click ATI icon and open Catalyst Control Center...
- Choose advanced if you haven't already
- Left click graphics at the top left
- Click the option "3D"
- Click on the All tab
- Under Catalyst AI, tick disable Catalyst Ai, and Apply.
- Run LoL on a custom dom game, mouse over a tower point and see if it is fixed.

Worked for me, hope it works for you .

Option 2:
1. Locate "%localappdata%\ATI\ACE" Via the "Run" Application.
2. edit 'Profiles.xml' with notepad -> Find 'CatalystAI' (Ctrl + F and search CatalystAI)
3. Change 'Enable' to 'Disable'

After I had used Catalyst Control Center I checked this .xml file and it had been changed via program rather than editing and saving the .xml file.
- Note: I did not use Option 2.

Edit - Sorry for necro, trying to add help to any forum I can.