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AD Eve! I think I haz an idea!

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I guess it's real hard to get 1350 for Eve and 6.3k for Elise. Totally hard...
Okay dumbass, I have Elise and Eve on the normal, so spending money on them would be extraneous to the point for which I go to the pbe, my point being, they are not the only ones I'm after you idiot, use your head, I'm not going to the pbe just to get everything I have in the normal, which you only know I have Elise on the NORMAL as well because you stalked me on lolking or whatever the **** it is (which only shows you on the normal servers). I'm saying getting all the new champs and skins and whatever is something someone with a life, unlike you, has time to do unless they're willing to spend a **** load of money on pointless ****. So call me a freeloader, I like free things, sue me, *******. And how are you going to judge my gameplay, you haven't even been in a match with me *****. I'll ****ing kick Garen's little ass late game, try me. And the only **** you were asking was what a good AD Eve build was, and what you are making is a ****, money wasting tank eve build (eve is not a tank btw, I hope you caught that, cuz you're retarded). And Idk why you guys keep telling me theoretical situations, I've actually done this build on people and it works, I'm telling you, not trying to convince you that it might maybe possibly work, it ****ing works so stfu noobass Zair, if you're so good then get at me, your build vs mine you puss
It makes sense but you haven't factored in the fact that fiora can block AA which will be a significant part of the damage in addition to the fact that she can heal off her ult while being immune to damage.
Well, Idk, I explained it as far as my knowledge of fiora can go (I don't play Fiora) and I end up killing her, but remember that all the while I still have my q spamming that would also make up for blocked hits (because It doesn't block all of them if any at all or I would have noticed). The timespan that Fiora uses her ult is pretty much her only window of oportunity to win, unless she can kill or leave eve with only one or two bars of health left, then she will be consumed by eves overwhelming attack speed/damage/lifesteal after her ult is over. (even in the case that fiora has also done this, Eve has natural burst as she naturally scales with ap with every level, this in combination with her attack speed BUFF will 9 times out of 10 in a solo end up in a Fiora dead situation). I might not be able to anticipate every move and skill of her opponents but I know that for some arcane reason AD eve doesn't die late game, she only runs like a demon and eats life like a frign dementor.

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:/ not only is cereal not impressed, he doesn't believe this part about doing better than fiora is acually true especially considering fiora has damage steroids and evasion

Eve's evasion is better than Fiora's.....

Eve also has a very strong AA steroid too, not to mention two damage dealing abilities that don't interrupt her AAs. I don't know how it would go TBH.