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[Suggestion] Resolution to Leavers

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Necra Gules:
Did you know that if one player quits, one of the bots does as well? Until that player comes back at least..

I do enjoy your suggestion, I just don't know if as many people would appreciate it. Just taking into consideration the friends I have who like to earn their own kills and deaths and also not have it be some AI's fault that got him/her a 5 death streak while he happened to be d/c'd...

Also seeing as the bots we have to choose from are limited, I don't think someone playing a (example) Teemo would be given an AI since we can't even choose or ever see a Teemo as a selection in those intermediate bot matches... That's just my assumption.

But remember, I never said I agreed OR disagreed with this idea. I think it's a smart thought.

Did you know that this isn't about a bot game, its about afk players being replaced by bots?

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Ok, i like the concept, but the bot feeding will be a serious issue. I think a way around this is to make it so that when the bot dies they give no gold. The bot would not be alowed to kill minions of any kind so as to not steal cs/push a lane and if the person reconnects any respawn timer on that champ would be set to 0 so that the dcd player can instantly get back to helping his/her team. The bot would also not be allowed to buy items or consume items sutch as wards or pots that player had in their inventory when the player dcd. The only thing the bot could really do is attack enemy champs and support allies with any abilities they had and gain XP for the dcer. Now i know you guys will say that thats op because the bot would just suicide all the time into the enemy adc and try to deal as much damage as possible since its worth no gold, but at the same time its damage will fall behind everyone elses as time passes. Also, killing the bot would put on its respawn timer, meaning that the benifit to killing it is that it cant do the things stated in bold above for that time span.

Im not sure if there are any flaws in my logic, I just wanted to propose a solution.