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Ways to Lessen Queue Dodging

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I personally never queue for an ARAM without expecting at least 3 dodges. There are a whole bunch of reasons people dodge. I would think that the most common reasons are:

1. The dodger gets upset when members on their team do not trade the dodger a champion they want.

2. The dodger looks at the other team compared to theirs and makes the decision that the game is "won at champ select."

3. The dodger simply wants to troll.

Should ARAM ever become a mode in which people can queue for it, there will most likely be dodge penalties like in Normals (i.e. amounts of time during which the dodger cannot queue for another non-custom game).

I would offer additional methods of ensuring fewer instances of dodging that directly target the reasons a player would dodge a queue:

1. Make the enemy team's champions blind at champion select. This reduces the inclination for people to call a game lost before it begins.
Potential problems include not building correct masteries/summoner spells to counter the enemy. However, these problems exist in the game already during blind pick games, and I do not feel this constitutes a major harm.

2. Make ALL champions blind except for the player's. This is a more drastic extension of option 1. It adds a huge element of "randomness" to the game but also poses problems.
Problem 1: There is nothing to prevent members of the same team to simply say which champion they received via team chat (possible solution: remove team chat during champion selection [This produces a great deal of problems in and of itself, so I would not recommend the disabling of team chat])
Problem 2: By not knowing which champions are on your team, it is difficult to appropriately build your champion to meet your team's needs (proper runes/masteries/summoner spells).

3. Disallow trading champions on the same team. This would let players know that the champion they receive is the champion they are going to play. This would also target people rage-dodging when someone does not trade them a champion they want.
Problem 1: This causes some players to be kept away from champions they are proficient at playing while giving that same champion to another player who may be less skilled, this would in turn cause a lower win rate than would otherwise be possible.
Response: While the above is true, it could also be argued that locking and preventing trades adds to the element of randomness that people enjoy about the game. It also encourages players to look at and play champion that they would not regularly, broadening players' skillsets and improving their knowledge of more champions--skills which could be carried over to normal or ranked games in Summoner's Rift.

4. Allow both teams to have the same champions. Honestly, I'm not sure if this is ever the case, but I cannot remember ever having a team with the same champion on both sides. Additionally, I cannot think of there necessarily being a problem with allowing this mechanic. It already exists in Blind Pick, and the worst possible scenario is having two Master Yi's running around pressing their Q's except for one.

Let me know what you guys think about any or all of these ideas. Not entirely sure if I missed any really glaring faults in my arguments, but I guess if those faults exist, someone will be more than happy to point them out haha.

EDIT: After glancing over the first page after having posted this, I noticed some of the above has already been suggested by other people. I feel that some of what I suggested is novel, however, so to the extent that any of what I suggested is duplicative, I apologize.

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All terrible.

1 wont fix anything. People know what decent teams look like. A **** team will be MORE likely to dodge even vs another **** team because they will assume an average team comp on the other side.

2 ensures a TON of mismatched games. Nobody likes constant dodging, but you generally end up with relatively even matched teams. People dislike ROFLStomps a lot less than a few dodges.

3 is awful. Why not do trades? Trades allow someone to use a more preferred champ INSTEAD of dodging in some cases. If no trades, you will get MORE dodges.

How is 4 helpful at all? How does that do ANYTHING to avoid dodging? It has 0 effect.