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Would you like to see Clyde as a champion in league?

Yes! 120 86.33%
Riot pls 45 32.37%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 139 .

Clyde, The Polychrome Artist

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Hi, My name is Elbakro. I am a long time player who appreciates and loves in all forms of entertainment the game we know as League of Legends. I designed and made this champion for league putting a lot of time and effort in to it to try and create what I believe to be an extreamly fun sounding champion. I hope all of you who read my idea enjoy it much as enjoyed creating him.

Big thanks to my friend Misfitts for creating some great art of me, check out the deviant art!http://misfitts.deviantart.com/ (http://misfitts.deviantart.com/)

Link to Looking for artist thread http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=35204038&posted=1#post35204038


Ap carry/possible support champion uttilizing paint creation magic. Designed to fit the category of a versatile aoe ap caster with consistent damage and rewarding high skillcap. Lore based around a troubled artist looking to perfect his art only to straggle away from the original concept and be consumed by the dark seductive side of magic and all that it promises and hopes.

Clyde, The Polychrome Artist


From a young age, Clyde always loved painting. For hours on end Clyde would roam around the family manor painting everything in sight from extravagant to benign, filling his easel with life. It didn't come as a surprise to most, as heir to a successful company that produced many colored paints, it was as if destiny called for Clyde to be an artist, and true to his lineage that’s exactly what he became. As he continued to grow Clyde's joy became his passion, he gained renown in the Valoran art world. His paintings were a marvel to many. His signature, the use of a wide variety of colors and techniques, made his paintings instantly recognizable. However, a true artist's work is never done. Despite the universal praise, Clyde believed his paintings were missing something – a color, a Technique? - something to truly bring his art to life, where others remained still. Holding this goal firmly in mind he took to the streets of his hometown, Zaun, to look for something to aid him in his artistic pursuit.

However, to Clyde's disappointment he found nothing of use, but an artist never falters, and to him Zaun was The City of Art. If he was going to find his answer, he would find it here. So, he delved deeper into the city streets. At last, he had found his answer. He was astounded by it's complexity. Growing up in the richer neighborhoods of Zaun, Clyde's parents sheltered him from its dark underbelly. He was told their was nothing there that would be worth the canvas and paint it took to capture. The revelation was none other than magic. Clyde was amazed, such a marvelous thing, able to take any form, become any color. From the second he saw it, he knew, This was what his own art was lacking. He abandoned his old life, and embraced the true face of Zaun. The world itself became his canvas, he was no longer restrained by the conventions of easel and limited palette. The two arts had become one and with that, Clyde was ready to work on his true masterpiece. With the invention of such a new and powerful art it wasn't long before the league discovered Clyde and his miraculous power. He had become a force not to be trifled with. Clyde agreed to fight for the chance to perfect his ultimate form of art in the heat of battle. However, was this really the art Clyde had envisioned?

"The painting has a life of its own."- Clyde

Champion Judgement (Additional Lore) -->http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3183734


385 (+80)
Attack damage
46 (+3.5)
Health regen.
5.5 (+0.45)
Attack speed
0.670 (+2%)
240 (+55)
11 (+3.5)
Mana regen.
7 (+0.75)
Magic res.
30 (+0)
Mov. speed
Passive-Splash Art

When Clyde uses an offensive spell a pool of paint is formed at the area of impact.
The pools do 16 / 20 / 24 / 28 / 32 / 36 / 40 / 44 / 48 (+0.1) per second when standing
in them and disappear slowly.

Damage: 16 / 20 / 24 / 28 / 32 / 36 / 40 / 45 / 50 (+10%) per second
Extra Black Paint Damage: + 7/14/28 and an additional (10%)AP per second
Diameter of AoE: 500-0
Duration: 5 seconds

  • Black Paint; Pools don’t decrease in size and do a small amount of increased damage.
  • Animation: A pool of paint that is multicolored shifting paint..The pools disappear from the outside inward when decaying in size.
  • Black Paint Animation: The same just black.


Clyde paints a masterpiece at the target location that reveals it before exploding in a eruption
of paint dealing 75 / 105 / 155 / 185 / 235 (+50%) magic damage. If Clyde's masterpiece is within
sight range of an enemy champion its cooldown is reduced by a maximum of .25 second (.05 seconds per champion)
and damaged is increased by a maximum of (0.1[0.02 per champion]) magic damage.

Cooldown: 2.5
Cost: 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75 Mana
Range: 800
Detonation Radius: 125
Detonation Time: 0.40

  • Black Paint: If a Masterpiece is created using black paint the cooldowns on Clyde's other spells are also reduced if it meets they requirements.
  • Animation: His Q has represents a paint human taking a pose, probably 3 different poses.
  • Black Paint Animation: The same just black.



Clyde disappears followed by an eruption of paint dealing 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260(0.7) magic damage.
He is then untargetable for up to 1.40 seconds, during this period Clyde can cast Self-Portrait again on a
nearby pool,teleporting to it. The teleport is then followed by another eruption dealing 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (0.7)
magic damage . If no action is taken Clyde will reappear at the original point with no second eruption.

Range: 800
Cost: 75 mana
Cooldown: 14 / 12 / 10 / 11 / 8
1st Detonation Radius: 500
2nd Detonation Radius: Current radius of teleported pool
Black Paint Detonation Radius: 500


  • W Cast Cycle: Normal Figure -> Pose -> Paint Clyde Posed -> Eruption
  • ->Untargetable -> Reconstruction-> Eruption-> Normal Figure
  • Black Paint: Clyde doesn’t need a previously placed pool of paint to reappear from
  • Animation: Clyde takes a pose of thinking man(Thinker Statue), His Figure then is the appearence of a paint Clyde in that form, The form errupts in an explosion refreshing the pool where it took place ( if no action is taken he appears in his paint
  • paint pose and is then returned to normal), If teleported to a nearby pool he is formed to his paint pose, when Clydes form is completely construced a exposion takes place and he is in his normal form.
  • Black Paint Animation: The same just black.
  • The intial explosion takes .20 secs, the amount of time Clydes isnt present is 1.00 secs, reconstruction takes .20secs.
  • If cast again immediatly the some time in which Clyde isnt present can be avoided.
E-Air Dry

Clyde rapidly drys an area of paint rooting any enemy that might be standing it for 0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6/2.0 seconds and consuming the paint in the process.

Cooldown: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 seconds
Cost: 85 mana
Diameter of AoE: 500 AoE
Range: 700

  • Black Paint: The enemy units are instead stunned.
  • Animation: The lively paint immediately becomes still and fades immensely followed by colored air around the top of the dried pool.
  • Black Paint Animation: The same just black.
  • Air Dry consumes any pool dried.
  • Air Dry replaces the animation of any pool and disapearis after the duration of the CC.

R-Paint it Black

Clyde combines all his colors together leaving him with purely black paint increasing the effectiveness of his other spells..
Black paint grabs onto anything it touches slowing anything it hits for 15-30% and causing all existing paint to become black paint.
Clyde can cast Condense once during the duration.

Splash Art: Pools don't decay in radius and have increased damage.
Masterpiece: The cooldown reduction effect is applied to other spells.
Self-Portrait: An existing pool isn't required for teleporting.
Air Dry: Enemy units are instead stunned.


Clyde gathers all existing paint pools in the area around him and condenses them at a target location dealing
200/250/300(0.6[20/30/40 For each pool gathered]) magic damage. Condense creates a 600 AoE pool that lasts 6 seconds.

Cost: 120 /155/ 200 Mana
Cooldown: 100 / 75 / 50
R2 Cast time: 0.6 seconds
R2 Radius: 600

  • Paint it Black's Slow
    • Stacks 15 times.
    • 1 stack per single instance of damage from Clyde.
    • Stacks last 1.40 seconds.
    • The intial stack slows for 15%.
  • DoT effects from Clyde do not stack Paint it Black's slow.
  • Paint it Black's Animation: Clyde gains a dark appearance over him for the duration and his auto attack is replaced with a black coloring.
  • Condense's Animation: All surrounding pools within range disappear and appear as a large globule of paint at the tip of his brush, when the globule is launched is moves in the air and splats on impact.

Playing As Clyde
  • Try and use Air Dry at the start of your combo, having a champion in one place can make it a lot easier to land Self-Portrait and Masterpiece.
  • Self-Portrait can be used both offensively and defensively, consider this when engaging someone.
  • Consider using Condense at the beginning or end of Paint it Black, a large pool can sometimes be more useful then a larger nuke.
  • Clyde has many different item paths, try investing in items that fit the composition of both teams.

Playing Against Clyde
  • Clyde is heavily reliant on pools for his utility, expect him to use other spells after a cast of Masterpiece.
  • Clyde can make quick work of slow targets, consider buying boots early In lane to dodge his spells and get out of pools quicker.
  • Clyde appears from existing pools when using Self-Portrait, take this into consideration when you see him begin the cast and act accordingly. His Ult however lets him appear anywhere.
  • Clyde only has one escape which requires an existing pool, try catching Clyde away from one of his pools or before he has created one to ensure a kill with no chance of escape.

Clyde's Appearance and Voice Tone

Ironically I cannot draw and I don't feel that a crude drawing would be as good as desribing him. Clyde's appearance is of that of a young man in his early 20s. He wears a beret and has shaggy or ruffled short hair which seems natural and not styled and is multicolored and constantly shifting in colors (like his paint). He has a constant maniacal smile similar to Ziggs, Draven, or Hecarim and holds his weapon with two hands when attacking and on one when moving, a large Brush staff that is more similar to a staff in resemblance with the tip of the brush being an arcane crystal resembling brush hairs. His clothes resemble the clothes of a stereotypical painter or famous artist in the 1400-1500s time period, he wears a coat or shirt with a scarf and breeches. His clothing iis pale(white) in color and turns a black unstable color when his ult is on. When he uses his ult his smile is wider and the color of his hair and eyes also becames the dark black unstable color. His auto attack is him whisking his brush staff and a small globule of paint flying toward the enemy, this also becomes black during his ult. His death animation is him falling to the floor dying murmuring his death dialog, when the animation ends his body becomes the color and appearance of his paint and lies in a pool of paint. Clyde's tone of voice is mix of pompousry, a small amount of high class wealth leaving this small tinge to his pronunciation, and unstableniss that is only shown in a few key peices of dialog.

Abilty Icon Splash Art (Temporary sction untill i can find someone who can draw them).

Passive- Splash Art- a splat of multicolored paint (every color from the rainbow)

Q- Master Piece- should resemble a more cartoony colorful version of Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. (Example at Bottom)

W- Self-Portrait-should resemble a colorful human figure standing in a pool of paint with its arms to his sides and paint dripping from him everywhere.

E- Air Dry- should look like a pool of paint except faded and cracked, similiar to a desert.

R- Paint IT Black- should look like Clydes face with half of it being his colorful self and the other half being the darker version of himself with a wider grin.

R2- Condense- should look like a field of paint pools

For his exact portrait I picture Clyde with his hands up in the air in a V shape. He has a wide grin on his face and is looking upwards with his Brush staff in one hand. Around him is his colorful world of paint showing his distorted reality and how he wishes to paint the world. The vision he has around him narrows down to the tip of his brush.
If Clyde were to become a champion I imagine his login screen to be his portrait without his marvelous colorful world, at the beginning of it you hear the beginning notes of Paint it Black (the song) without wards played in the same tone of music as the classic League of legends login music. Kind of symbolizing that Clyde has come to the league.

Design Philosophy of Clyde

The mind of Clyde and breakdown of lore.

When designing Clyde I thought of champion that I thought league could use for its feel of character base, a painting based champion utilizing paint as his damage source. This archetype to me is something I thought would be really cool and interesting in league, no champion accept Sona comes close to using a literal art as their style of fighting. But Clyde unlike Sona is motivated an innovative in a much different way. Clyde was a talented artist who felt that his art could be much better, that it was missing something to make it what it could be. He goes on a journey to find It and does, in his home town of Zaun. Zaun is a city of unchecked industry, mercantilism, and magic run amok, which to Clyde makes it a wonderful city and applies a sense of Zaunite nationalism similar to other champions and their own city-states. When discovering magic there he is amazed. His parents the owners of manufacturing company in which he is heir to didn’t want him being corrupted the dark aspects of Zaun. However, Clyde who is a imaginative and curious fellow was immediately taken hold of the wonder of magic being so abruptly introduced to it. Clyde discovering magic was amazed by it and saw it as an art like his own. Thinking of it as a technique Clyde went on his grand pilgrimage across Valoran where he incorporated the reality bringing aspect of magic with his own art of painting. As a result he became what he is today a young Zaunite who shares the explorative artist aspect of other Zaunites like Singed. Mundo, and Viktor. The combination of these two arts created what he comes to believe as the ultimate form of art, and this ultimate form of art is what he is trying to perfect. To perfect his ultimate form of art he agrees to join the league under multiple circumstances. To fight for Zaun, the “city of art” he shares so much nationalistic pride for and to be able to perfect his art, which is the paint magic he uses to fight with.

Clyde's spells. Magic, and painting

When designing clyde's spells I wanted to add a good mixture of reference to painting and have it be relevant to his kit. So I did just that, Clyde's passive, one of the coolest parts about him, is used as a main tool for his other spells. It is aptly name Splash Art just like the painting technique which plays off the fact that the paint splashes when he uses an offensive spell. It does damage when standing it which can add up adding extra potential damage on his offensive spells. His passive has huge utility in zoning and pushing and if not played against correctly could wind up being a huge source of your damage. Clyde's Q, Masterpiece causes Clyde to paint a small radius nuke at an area. The spell is represented as a 3D paint figure resembling a paint human that explodes doing damage and creating a pool. This spell Clyde's consistent form of damage plays on a lot of factors. It is used as his main tool to apply splash art pools for his other spells and is his main damage source. The cooldown is reduced and damage is increased based on the number of enemy champions in sight range. This plays on the fact that art has more of an impact and effect when it is seen by many as well as rewards him for being able to use it consistently in a teamfight situation. Finally, the underlying reference to his q is that when Clyde goes to paint a masterpiece it dissipates and blows up, showing that his art is not yet perfect by his inability to fully create the masterpiece. Clyde's W, is called Self portrait which is his main gap closer/escape. Clyde uses the ability in unison with his passive to teleport to a far away pool giving him the chance to avoid death or damage or to catch up to a fleeing enemy. The high damage on this spell is there to add a reward to being able to land it on a champion. Its main use it the utility for escaping or catching up and can serve as a good juking tool with the presence of many pools.. The eruptions can be somewhat difficult to land which is good in making up for the fact that it is a high damage spell. Most Clydes will often have to chase to make use of damage aspect or full utility. The name comes from the type of painting, a self portrait in which the artist paints himself. The act of the spell is in fact a self portrait within Clyde's brand of art. Clyde's E, Air dry is his main cc apart from the slow on his ult. It is a root/stun that increases in duration when ranked up, this cc fits Clyde's kit very well keeping someone in one spot for a period of time giving him a chance to land his other spells. The shorter cooldown and increased duration per rank makes up for the overall strength of the spell (especially with his ult on). It also gives some sort of an option for people to try and play him as support being how a very early high ranked e offers great utility combined with the vision on his q. The name comes from the art term. Clyde's R, Paint it Black is a steroid that buffs the utility of all his other spells and makes him a huge team fight presence. It causes all his spells to when standing in a pool give a minor to large slow as well as gives him a large nuke depending on how offensive he was using it. His ult gives him some missing utility that I feel would otherwise make him weak normally and causes him to be something to be feared during it. The second spell on his ult, Clydes R2, Condense creates a pool at an area which if uses early will do less damage but having that larger pool could be even more beneficial then the larger nuke. The main utility is the pause on pool decay, Clyde's pools which would normally decay in size now stay their current or initial size. This personifies the feeling of painting summoners rift with the numerous amount of pools and allows the pools to turn into a large source of damage other then some small avoidable damage that could easily be walked out of. Getting back to Condense, Condense regulates the amount of pools their will be causing you to make use of the many pools removing all of them and losing the minefield of damage in return for a nuke condensing them at. One of the most important things about this spell is its name and what it truly it s The ultimate being in my mind the end of a champion, his ultimate move, the final spell. It shoes what Clyde has became. The darkness that comes over him shows that in hope of perfecting his art its become something dark. Exactly what his parents tried to protect him from. The name is a song by the rolling stones, paint it black. The song in its entirety explains Clyde. It resembles what Clyde's lust to perfect his art has caused him to become. A patron of dark magic.

Clyde strategy and itemization

Clyde's strategy is that of an ap carry(Ziggs, Cassieopia, Karthus) or ap support(Lux, Nidalee, Zyra). He has a great mix of consistent damage, AoE damage, utility, and cc. He is very similar to Karthus and Cassieopia in that sense. Early game in lane he can farm well. Any difficult last hits can be gotten with your Q. If you see the need too the AoE damage from your Q and the resulting pool give great pushing power. His Q can be used to harass, apply pressure, and zone if your good with skill shots. If going for a early kill a combo of Qing to get the enemy low, rooting them with your E, Qing again, Wing to the pool, and Qing more if you need it is a strong damage combo for 1v1s. Mid to late game Clyde shines with his tremendous team fight damage, if left unchecked he can quickly turn the tides in his teams favor. With consistent Qs followed by the resulting pools and the slow and nuke from his ult he is a definite first target to be taken out. As a support maxing his e first gives you great utility in going for kills and the vision from his q gives you great brush control. Not to mention the slow on his ult which gives you even more utility. When building Clyde the amount of paths you have gives him a great replay ability with numerous builds to try out. If your playing him an ap carry the consistence of his damage makes items like Liandry's Torment, Hextech Revolver, or Rylai's Crystal Sceptor great choices for extra damage and utility. However, due to the spamabilty of his Q most Clydes would find it wise to invest in items that give you mana such as Tear of the Goddess or Chalice of Harmony. In other circumstances some Clydes might try and use out of the box options. The slow on his Ult gains increasing stacks with his auto attack, so some Clydes might invest in Ability power/Attack speed items such as Nashor's Tooth or Guinsoo's Rageblade. If playing Clyde as a support many Ability power items that build from Gp5 or support items such as Twin Shadows, Banner of Command, and Shard of True Ice.

Dialog and Emotes

1-Joke- Animation: Clyde strokes his brush in the air leaving streaks of paint followed by him stopping at the end to finish talking
“Some blue, some red, oh wait that’s blood”
“What a masterpiece, I will be sure to put it on the fridge”
“Hue, hue, hue, so much color!”

When near an allied Lulu
“Lets use all the colors, a marvelous idea”

2-Taunts-Clyde paints a figure resembling a human which blows up towards the end of the taunt(similar to his Q)

“Art without a form can become dangerous”
“The to urge create and to destroy”
“There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.”

When near an enemy Blitzcrank
“How crude, let me paint you anew”
When near an enemy Sona
“A patron of the weaker arts, let me show you a true masterpiece”

Clyde performs a dance similar to this one that is sometimes fluid but yet extremely erratic, similar to his art..
Clyde puts his arms in the air (in a V shape) and laughs pompously and arcs his back closing his eyes while doing so, similar to the laugh in the link yet not so obnoxious and shorter.

Upon selection

"Ah, a chance to perfect my art."

Upon Death
“Critics...all of you...<release of breathe>”

Upon Using Paint it Black
“The true extent of my art!”

Upon End of Paint it Black
No, NO, its not finished.

Upon Using Masterpiece

“The ultimate art incarnate”


“Indeed indeed.”

“Let us show them true art!”

“Art of Abstraction”

“The ultimate art!”

“Wonderful, marvelous, extraordinary!”

“Supreme art!”

“Every color, every technique”

“Perfection through my medium”

“Picture perfect!”

“An artist never falters”

“We will paint the world.”


“What a low value.”

“How abstract they are!”

“For the city of art.”

“Just a few strokes...and...”

“I’ll wipe the expressionism of their face!”

“Painted to a still life!”

“Such a pigment.”

“How could you hope to understand true art?”

“I am the focal point!”

“I illustrate their demise.”

Looking for Artist!

If your intrested in helping illustrate Clyde please message me ingame or here, Thanks!

Conclusion, help make Clyde a reality!
In conclusion, Clyde can be an amazing champion in league and I think that if he was made a reality he would bring so much in playability, team composition, story telling, and just overall fun! If you have any suggestions of unbalanced numbers please post with criticism. So I ask that you please tell your friends, have them tell their friends, and have them tell theirs friends. The more known he becomes the more riot will consider him.
Sincerely, Elbakro

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interesting read

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Not only am I impressed with the incredible amount of detail in the champion and lore; the numbers are spot on. Very balanced. His whole kit is just really put together and flows really well with the kind of play style that I, and I know many others players have. I'm an art major, and I've always wanted a champion that kind of resonated with me; he sounds amazing. Why is he not a champion yet?

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it was very cool when i read it and looked at the abilities.

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Thank you for all the feedback so far!

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Nice, very very nice!

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I like the idea. I would really like to see it become a champion!

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I am impressed. Is like Sona┬┤s friend

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Thank you for your feedback!