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Elite CyberSports February Cup - 22nd - 24th

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TNP Kubz

Senior Member



How It Works

We will have 64 open tournament slots for this tournament. The first 64 teams to sign-up will be entered into the bracket. If we cannot fill 64 slots, we have a 48 and 32 brackets as backups. Teams who wish to sign up can fill out the form at the bottom of this post. Matches will be a single elimination, with a coin toss determining who gets Blue / Red Side. The playoff round will be best of 3 matches. Matches will be streamed on our 2 twitch channels. Registration is open until we fill 64 teams OR Feb. 15th, 2013

Tournament Process

A week prior to the tournament, we will post a full schedule for the tournament including times, stream links, matches and anything we think is relevant for viewers. Teams will be in constant communication with our tournament committee so we are always up to date with team's bailing out, having conflicts with times etc.


We will be awarding out the standard Riot Prizing as well as ECS XP for our website. This XP ranks your team up in level and allows you to compete in higher level tournaments for better prizes.

How To Sign-Up

Each player will need a valid account on our website, http://www.elitecybersports.com

To join the tournament, create an account, and go here: http://www.elitecybersports.com/tournaments.php

all members will need to join a team before being able to enter the bracket. Teams will be contacted by ECS Admins.

For any more questions, inquiries etc. reply here or add me in-game