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The QQ Ranked Threads

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I'm going to play devils advocate for both sides. It's true, you alone can never carry a team to victory. Your team mates will have to make some proper decisions. If you don't believe me, then please, smurf level 1 and win every single game till level 20. I mean, if 1 person can carry the entire team no matter what the team is doing. So to carry every single game from level 1-20 should be within reason of doing.

And on the other hand, why are these people QQing about being in a low elo? Solo queue does not reflect your personal skill level. You're being graded on everything you and your team did within those games. You're being graded on the luck of the draw and team composition. The only ranked level that matters is team ranked. And that doesn't reflect your personal skill. It reflects your team skill. If you have a problem with your team mates, find people of equal skill as yourself and queue with them. Build your own god damn team, it's not hard.