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gold when purchasing elixir/oracles

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i noticed in a game the other day when i would buy oracles or the red and blue elixirs my gold would...lag. i dont really know how to describe it.

basically if i had something like 950g and bought an oracles, my gold would drop to 50g and take a couple of seconds to update back to 550g. it wasnt a major issue but it did cause me to have to double back to the shop a couple of times because i would double click oracles and then an elixir (had a full build) and leave and look and see i had too much gold for buying both, and didnt have the elixir buff on, after the second time it did that i looked and the gold would lag or idk what the correct term for it would be, just delay. not sure if its a bug or if its intended or what, but figured i could make a thread about it