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ATK Evelynn

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Ok, so I know you all think that I'm crazy, but here is the superior build for attack damage evelynn. I will show you how it dominates AP eve as well.

First off, Never, Ever, choose her if there is another stealth person on your team. You rely too much on your stealth ability and can't hit things from far away (twitch) or port out (shaco). If you have two stealth heros, they are going to pick up wards and elixers all day long because they are cost effective. They do very well at hindering the enemies item progress if there is only 1 stealth hero though - either buy wards or die... hmm.

You have to understand how I play evelynn, not as a carry herself, but to shut down the enemies carry. You need to cheat him out of as much gold and experience as possible and make his life a living hell. But, as always, feel free to pick off anyone that feels they can run around with half health.

What you'll want to pick up at the fountain is an ability tomb and a health pot. (What? I thought you waid we were going to use attack damage?) Good question, sir. The biggest boost in our attack damage comes from spell proc items such as sheen.

Item Build

ability tomb +825g = sheen
ruby crystal - for survivability.
Regular boots
build crystal into phage
Dagger into Zeal
-->Trinity Force

At this point, you should have 2 items, trinity force and boots. I suggest upgrading to the boots of mobility so its easier for you to move around the map. Other boots may be applicable depending on who you're up against.

BF Sword
--> Infinity Edge

(9150 gold + hp pot/s early game)

The game should be drawing to a close at or before this point, but if it isn't, we have 3 item slots to expand into yet (compared to 2 w/ AP eve). With this alone, you're rolling 203 damage and 45% crit chance @lvl 18. That rolls out to 507 damage on either crit or trinity proc (812 if they both proc) - pre-armor reduction damage.

So choosing the same starting item, while AP eve is still struggling to get a mejais for 1000g, you have gotten Sheen and have practically doubled your damage for 825g. You should be able to 2-hit minions with the sheen procs to farm more efficiently. Phage and Zeal will help so they can't get away if they survive post-stun.

Summoner Spells
Since we don't have the high burst damage of AP eve and we're going after their DPS heros, it might be a good idea to pick up exhaust. It also stops them from getting away when a single hate-spike could kill them. This also gives you a target spell to break someone's banshee's veil later in the game. The other spell I choose is flash for both offensive and defensive purposes. Nothing pisses someone off like when they think they got away or you flash by the tower to kill them and then regain much of your health to run away really really fast.

Skill build
If you've got a halfway competent teammate and want to get first blood, I would choose ravage. That plus improved exhaust will shred their armor making you both hit really hard. Otherwise you would choose shadow walk. For the 3rd skill point, you can either ravage again if someone is low enough health in your lane, or hate spike. If you ravage again, hate spike would be 4th. Hate spike is useful in last hitting creeps, but not really much more than that until it becomes useful to proc sheen/trinity force.

Ravage (maxed)
Walk (maxed)
Spike (maxed)

This relies on you hitting them in the back with ravage to shred their armor and maxing the stun duration for an easy kill. You'll be hitting 1.36 times per second (2.44 w/ max malice&spite active)

Here is a rundown of a 5-hit scenario between AP eve and ATK eve at level 18 with a 2 second stun started from shadow walk with ravage with malice&spite on. I even gave AP eve a crit - 13.25% chance

AP Build
mejais 1435
lich 3470
zhonyas 3695
400 ap w/ mejais @ 140ap
103 dmg
7% ms
206 crit proc
503 lich proc
606 lich and crit proc

5-hit scenario
Ravage - 325+400=725dmg
hit 2w/lich - 103+400 = 503 dmg
hit 3 = 103dmg
hit 4crit = 206dmg
hit 5w/lich = 503dmg
total = 2040 dmg

DPS build
trinity 4070
infinity 4080
203 dmg + 32% crit @250%dmg
25% AS
507 trin or crit proc
812 both proc

5-hit scenario
Ravage - 325+30=350dmg
hit 2w/trin 203+304 = 507dmg
hit 3crit = 507dmg
hit 4 = 203dmg
hit 5w/trincrit 203+304+305 = 812dmg
total = 2379 dmg
w/o 1 crit = 2074 total dmg

Adding Hate Spike damage will be adding 2 spikes to each (.28 AP ratio)
AP = 85+115 = 200 * 2 = 400 + 2040 = 2440
DPS = 85+8.4 = 93 * 2 = 186 + 2379 = 2665

Malice and spite off (assuming you can time your hate spikes to proc lich/trinity correctly) subtract 300dmg from AP Eve and 700dmg from ATK Eve, so AP eve comes out on top.
I, however, did not take into account the 25% extra attack speed on DPS Eve and it assumes that AP eve can actually get enough kills to accumulate charges on mejais.

I know this may have changed the lives of some Evelynn players. (What is this Math that you speak of?!?!?)

Bring on the flaming xD

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Junior Member


Bring on the flaming xD

Haha I know, right?

I have also been playing a melee Eve as of late. Her base Crit% and her ultimate make her a very viable melee Hero. However I normally go the Madred's route instead of Infinity Edge, but I suppose you can never go wrong with an Infinity.


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Hmm, this is really good but I think you forgot one thing, base armor is about double base MR. So yeah, I don't know math.

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Iunno,I like hitting 600 stun-ravages by end game with my AP eve, that, along with a 0.51 hate spike cooldown, depends on playstyle though, since most people prefer armor > MR

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If you aren't killing them two seconds after you open, you're doing it wrong.

I have tried both ATK/AP Eve extensively, and ATK can't even compare.

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Cannot Load Name

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ap eve wins .. atk can never beat me .. maybe they must be doing it wrong

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The big difference between ATK Eve and AP Eve would be early/mid game, where AP Eve is building AP with Mejais (Starting at 20 AP now) and ATK Eve already has a Sheen doubling her damage helping through this stage in the game. If AP Eve doesn't get the kills she needs to build Mejais at this point in the game, she is pretty much screwed. ATK Eve can keep building since trinity force has many small items that can be gotten with a few creep kills - which are easier to get with the sheen proc. AP Eve doesn't have that kind of power until she gets sheen(1435gold after ATK Eve) to build into lich bane.

The real question is - what is the worth of easier farming a couple levels earlier? what about taking a champ offguard with a double damage proc from sheen pre-lvl 6?

We all know that if AP eve gets shut down early she really never catches back up. Its hard to shut someone down before they earn a measly 825 gold laning. With the "nerf" to Mejais, its going to make early game harder as well, since you start with 20 AP instead of 70 on it.