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LOL login screen error

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x TaintTickler

Junior Member


usally this happens after any kind of update my patcher go's threw, i hit play to go to the logg in screen and and i get a error.(attatched item is screen shot of error). then i have to repair the client usaly takes anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours or so but then it works fine, untill another update hits me, all started around the most resent patch any one have this problem or have any solution?...... so now that i repaired the client and can log back into LOL im a verry happy camper... untill i relised i was back to the bug splat as soon as i enter the match loading screen fun stuff it was happing to me yesterday so i reinstalled LOL that worked up till now so i think im at the point of giving up on this game i dont want to but im sick of fighting with it any help on this matter would be great