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Latency in the PvPnet Client

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Adori Vita Vis

Senior Member


I will be the first to admit I made the wrong choice when I switched to my current internet provider almost a year ago. Since then my internet has been fairly irregular when it comes to League of Legends. For the most part I will be sitting at 42 ping but at times I will jump to 250 or higher risking death for me or my teammates.

I would like to suggest adding a latency indicator somewhere in the PvP.net client that pings the game servers to make sure you are ready to play. After looking around I suggest the following locations:

1) Above your name in the Chat Rooms Control Panel and Friends List panels.

2) At the bottom of the client where the chat rooms and private chats go, reserve an amount of space for latency.

3) Up at the top next to your currency but separated for consistency.

4) Game selection screen at the bottom next to the Home button.

Each of these has their drawbacks and my personal favorite is #3 if the UI graphic artists could somehow integrate it without destroying its already very consistent flow. To go along with this, I'd like to see an option to disable the ping test for those who do not wish to run up their bandwidth even if it's a single packet you'll draw complaints.

Thoughts, suggestions, comments?