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Glitch occurred in my last game.

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Wolf of Shadows

Senior Member


About level 4 the strangest thing started happening to me. I was playing swain and every time I left clicked, I would signal to fall back, rather that actually click my intended target. I couldn't cast spells, couldn't place wards, and couldn't click on champions to show current stats. Additionally, every couple of seconds, the game would minimize. Relogging didn't fix the problem, and needless to say I lost, because the only way to use spells was to mash the keyboard and mouse. I tried using a different mouse but the problem persisted.

If anyone else has any ideas as to why this is happening, or if someone at Riot could look into this that would be swell, because this ruined my game, which was ranked and part of a promo series, which really aggravated me.

(if anyone is curious, I have a both a very high end computer and a high end mouse that have never caused me problems in the past with anything like this)