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Fix the damn (Ranking System)

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Ada Wong

Senior Member


The ranking system needs to be remade again I think the way it is currently is stupid and I will explain my reason.

1. You dodge a game during promotion it counts as a loss, or you get moved down reguardless of a reason making solo/duo almost impossible if you encounter trolls.

2. You loose points for leaving games its stupid.

3. You get Deranked for having two 3 matches with trolls, Seriously fix this It took 22 hours and luck to hit level 4, 3 bad matches today with trolls hitting 0 points and derank? When I started playing today I had 25 points, I went down to 0 in a couple of losses, and then derank because of Trolls.

Fix your broken system, and actually rank players based on their own stats not just a games win/loss, but by KDA as well.

At this point I really am not even going to care about Challenger Rank, or Ranks unless its 3vs3 or 5vs5 teams there is really no reason to care about solo/duo as even if two of your mates are good the other two can be trolls or bad players and cause you to loose points/rank.

The solo system needs to be looked at anyways, the other leagues 3v3 and 5v5 teams are their own faults because they are premade if they loose solo isn't.

So basically from what I understand you get less points for winning games and loose more for loosing a single game even if its not your fault in solo/duo, you are doomed either way even if you don't play.

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Junior Member


I agree with u.In almost every match there is a troll who ruins the game.And match maker doesnt put u to play with ur rank but it gives u a lower ranked player as well in a team.If there is no enaugh ppl from same rank pls make it doesnt match u at all.New ranked system is all messed up together with matchmaker.PLEASE REPAIR IT!