Please Read: Solution to Trolling

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I believe that the current system of dealing with non-cooperative/troll players does not effectively reduce the amount of such players, but instead increases the amount of animosity within teams. Troll players IMO are people who either have smurf accounts, or do not take the game, particularly ranked play, as seriously as regularl players. The disparity causes players who do well to lose games because of these trolls. The games aren't lost because of lack of skill (we must assume the ELO system accurately judges a person's skill level and matches even skilled players together), but because of the animosity within teams due to trolls not getting the lane they want or general harassment.

IMO serious players who only have the choice to dodge and lose LP because of a troll player is obviously unfair.

My proposal is then to create a voting system where at one point teammates will be able to vote whether or not to force dodge the troll player. 4 of the players must reach a consensus to force ban a player. The consequence for the troll player is having to wait 15-30 minutes to be able to play again without losing LP points, and for the rest being in queue again.

I believe this solution will provide many people of the lol community who take ranked play seriously an alternative to best avoid troll players.

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RIOT needs to learn from Warcraft 3 and implement a votekick system.