New Competitive Team - Need 3 More!

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Buzzle Billy



Looking for:

Skills that matter:
Map awareness
Fight judgement
Follow-through on the right initiations
Ability to wisely split-push (while keeping note of approaching foes, even when you can't see them, and always recalling before caught)
...If 4 allies can keep 5 enemies locked up in middle, then the 5th should steal a side-lane tower

Practice 2-3 games/day on weekdays (6pm-12am)
Weekend practice if available
Little or no role-switching

Experience Required:
Understand every champion in the game at a basic level
Preferably at least 500 total wins
Preferably over 1200 ELO (at least Silver V), BUT there are gold's who worsely meet our requirements than some bronze players, so it entirely depends on your performance in-game with us

We have a very aggressive play-style that heavily requires NOT MISSING crucial skill shots. We have a support with excellent map awareness whose wards consistently allow us to capitalize on out-of-place and retreating foes. Even when under enemy watch, we can quickly secure dragon in front of them as long as the entire team is available and coordinated.

If you're interested in working hard and divisioning up with us, pm me in-game and we can que together to see how it goes!

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