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Experienced ADC LF Duo/Team

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Mr FeedAlot

Junior Member


Hey guys , iProxx here. Im in division 2 of bronze , but I get horrid team mates I know it is not their fault and I should be able to carry my- self out , but this is s3 so lets be honest a fed bruiser is preety much GG with a weak team . I am looking for a serious and experienced support and or team , my friends who are gold believe i should be in their tier and have high standards for me . If your a team looking for adc , or if you are a serious and didcated support toss me invite

-s2 highest elo: Didnt play much was never ranked
-s3: Bronze 2 but skill level of Tbh Gold 5 maybe or Silver 1 i still have a bit to learn but thats why i need a team to practice with and who know how to peel for me and the ap carry etc.
-Why i think i should be on the team: I offer a great teammate who is always positive and up building , always looking to improve . takes friendly advice on ways to improve
-How often am i on : Im on everyday at least 5-6 hours a day Western but flexible schedule
-Age: 18
-Main character: vayne, graves, Corki, Misfortune, Ash

Thanks for reading add me in game please (: