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So i just started this new clan ima ok player i can do well on killing and supporting we have
2 other people in this clan so that makes 3 but we need 2 others to join for tank and adc.
questions for you 2 answere if your interested.
Do you have skype?
Age (optional)
what role would you want in the team?
Favorite champ
Favorite skin
Killing average
death average
Ever had triple,quadra or penta?
if you are intrested make sure to be on mondays thru mondays means all day unleast you have to go some were or we have a day off
fun things! every 2 mouths we get Do a raffel for RP so a 1/5 chance you will get it and if your joining you never leave O-O i mean it also on your b day we give either Rp or your fav skin if you are interested pls answere the questions and leave your summoners name and you will be tested.