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[NEW] Recruiting for Kaotic Cray Cray [Crayzz]~

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Kaotic Cray Cray [Crayzz]~

Me and my friend just started to play rank couple days ago just to try it out to have a feel and had a good start but wanted to start over fresh with more experience players than what we did have. We currently have 2 players now and is looking for 5- 7 more. Our team is not really looking for specific roles but we are looking for future teammates who are competitive, fun, skilled and experience who also knows how to have fun. Another thing we are looking for are people that are devoted and have leisure time to play.

Kaotic Cray Cray[Crayzz] Team Goals

  • to play and win tournaments
  • to have a stable and consistent team
  • have fun
  • to win

So if anyone is interested, please fill this out

  • IGN name:
  • What roles you play:
  • What champs are you good with:
  • What are your disadvantages:
  • Do you have Skype?[not needed]:
  • What are your advantages:
  • Which do You play more TT or SR
  • How often do you play and what time to what time do you play: