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Time for a fail safe!

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So last week I see this:


On ESPN.com League is praised for "becoming a real sport" not too many e-sports can say the same. Are there any that have a broader viewer base than the National Hockey League? (Also mentioned in the above.)

I watch Season 3 NA day 1 and 2 on Twitch and it's awesome... the intro showing the players running through the halls and up the stairs and such. A real professional announcement booth. Player interviews after matches.... Everything looks like what I could expect from Monday Night Football.

Then EU day 1 comes along... I'm so excited to see Gambit... I mean who destroys both Azubu teams to qualify... Voyboy became Voyman again we all love to see that, but destroying both Azubu teams is "Dominating" "Legendary" "Godlike". I want to see that as well.

Unfortunately the stream was piss poor. I mean real bad. Did I mention "unwatchable"? You can go to the channel now and the videos are a bunch of chopped up 5 - 15 minute choppy segments. It was absolutely unacceptable. Especially for a "professional sport" that triumphs the National Hockey League.

I'm so proud of Riot for creating this game that is just as fun to spectate as it is to play. The players work so hard and their skill goes to show it. I can't wait for the day we're watching Saturday afternoon League on Fox.

This leads me to the topic. You totally lost a viewer today... I gave up on the stream. I'm sure I'm just 1 of thousands if not way more. There has got to be some sort of fail safe in place to make sure that this absolutely never happens.

Can't wait til tomorrow and I sincerely hope this issue is solved... and if not becoming one of the highest priorities as we move further into the season.