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[Game][Major] Equalize giving wrong values

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We agreed on 2286 gold and 6 levels, but after it went through it gave them 4884 gold and 9 levels.

Xelnath, I am calling my lawyers. D:<

It could be because by the time the vote actually went through we had a larger lead, but I think it's not likely that we got 3 levels and 2598 gold in 7 seconds..
Either way it shouldn't be showing 2 different values.

edit: urk, titled it wrong. I need sleep.

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Good spot on that,was gonna post it on my own.
My friend and I were playing a bot game,and we wanted to troll a bit and pressed /equalize.
It said it was gonna give them 9k gold and 9 levels but it have them 28k gold and 17 levels.We almost lost from the begg. bots LOL