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Baiting Players Into A Ban

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Let me first state that I was previously an extremely toxic player before the preseason 3 patch came out last December. After getting reported a handful of times, I finally realized how to just ignore other players that annoyed me or caused me to start flaming them.

I don't think I'll ever be banned again due to my change in attitude. However, there still remains a huge problem in all of my games: The sheer amount of players who attempt to bait other teammates into acting toxic. I'm talking every game, at least one of my teammates will make an excuse to upstart an argument. One unconventional ban, one single bad play, or one miscommunication is all that it takes to get the banhammer rolling.

This has ruined a huge majority of my games due to teammates harassing each other instead of actually playing the game. But instead of me focusing on actual toxic players who deserve a report, allow me to state a clear message to their teammates.

If you're someone who technically never breaks summoners code, but still trolls others into acting toxic, you're doing something absolutely wrong. It doesn't matter how bad your teammates are doing, if you start talking to them like they are worthless, or blame them, or point out every mistake they do, you will cause your team to lose hands down. There's no excuse for giving toxic teammates a reason to act toxic.

In particular, if you announce that you're reporting someone when the game isn't decided yet, then you're doing something wrong. If you keep pointing out that a teammate has been dieing repeatedly (due to mistakes, not feeding), then you're doing something wrong. If you criticize other teammates when they are doing their best, you're doing something wrong.

Everyone is responsible for the general attitude of their team during the game, not just players acting toxic, trolling, etc.