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"Fizz Lovecraft"

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Hi everyone, Im openning this new post to tell you about an idea -or more a wish- that I have.

I´m a nerdy reader and I just finish 4 book´s of H.P.Lovecraft, I like all the mistery and terror that he makes and by far my fav books was the NECRONOMICON, in that book you can understand so many things that happen in the other tales. Anyway I was playing Fizz and have this idea to make a "Fizz Lovecraft", you know a Fizz with a suit and prob with eyeglasses etc, and carry a black book with a gold "N" in the front refering to the Necronomicon, and a stick use to do damage, king of very victorian fizz, but when he lauch his R, the book go and instead of a shark or whale appear he could summon a claw from Cthulhu, and kill the enemy :DDDD

I dont know how to draw this idea even in paint, so if some1 is interesting to this idea to make a desing and prob say something to Riot and they will make it :DDD

PD: thanks everybody for your attention and forgive me about my english, is not my main language and I never really study english at the college, everything I learn is from video games

PD2: I dont know if this topic comes in this part of the forum, if I´m wrong hope a mod be kind with my inttention to make a discuss about this

cya all..... GL HF