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Win a few Lose more? Leavers/AFK

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So here is my official QQ thread on S3 ranked systems in slo queue.

i recently had a win streak of about 6 matches.. why did i win those matches.

well for instance i am a decent player, i know where and when to be certain places,
call out mias when needed, buy wards, and # 1 of all never leave once in a game.

Im not saying i should win all matches because i cant help the fact that there are better comps and better players out there than me, but what i do want is a better reason for losing the matches that i do..

riot, why is it that when i get one leaver/afk in a match , the next 3-6 matches are the same?

i dont mind losing, WHEN IT IS A FAIR MATCH....

I HATE LEAVERS AND AFK'ers i wish i could take a big (insert dirty body part here) and SLAP THEM across the face... seriously, then go over to their parents house and DUMP on their kitchen counter and NOT clean it up.