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Is there a distinct lack of "Legendary" elements in the game?

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The question in which I am presenting to you stems from one that was asked to me while I was having breakfast with my family this morning. I told them that I recently got an online friend to play this game with me and was helping her level up on my spare time.

When I told them the name of the game playing and generally what the objective of the game is. But they replied with something like this when the subject turned to the heroes that you can play as::

"What are they Legends of?" or "Legends of what?"

And to be honest that was a question I couldn't even answer. Seriously, what are these people legends of?

So I spent some time after breakfast thinking and thinking about this game called League of Legends and the heroes that are in this game. With using a definition of Legend being:

"One that inspires legends or achieves legendary fame."


"An unverified story handed down from earlier times, especially one popularly believed to be historical."

I delved into the games back story in a search for answers but unfortunately, I could not find any. The games back story is something that seems like a legend of itself since it has very little detail. I also decided to read into some lore for the champions but I couldn't find anything that was particularly legendary and epic about them.

In short: There aren't many champions that stands as an inspirational figure of legendary stories and epic exploits. Most of them are just...normal. And there are hardly any references to the very distant past where most legends would be created.

The exception to this I would say would be Thresh, he has amazing character design which makes him look incredibly interesting, intimidating, other worldly, with a large supernatural presence compared to most champions. His lore states that he has already been known for his exploits and that there are many stories of him, which already imply that he has been around for a very long time. But no one really knows the true story.

Maybe Soraka too, since she is already a legendary figure and looks other worldly despite looking to be on the plain and boring side. She certainly doesn't look inspirational but i would still say she would be a Legendary figure.

But many other champions are just people that come from a more "Modern" era, they are only known for being good at something but don't have much of a presence. There's no amazing or epic stories that could be passed down to future generations which would contain exploits that would be on the level of world renown. They don't have much of a presence and a good deal of them are again, like i've said a few times ago, "Really, really mad at various things for various reasons."

They could be regarded as "Living Legends" but that would just imply that they are only just ones renowned for just doing stuff and not just being a figure of the past.

So what i would like to ask is what do you consider to be Legendary?

Which champions do you think would honestly be a figure of legend?

Do you believe there is a lack of Legendary story elements and figures in the form of champions?
Do you believe that the champions are Legendary enough?

Should newer champions be ones from the past or should we just stick with people who are just "Good at stuff"?

I'm a little curious as to what others would say.

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Garen isn't heroic/legendary?
Jarvan isn't the heroic prince of books?
Swain doesn't look like the evil dictator of an entire series of books?
Jayce bears no resemblance to Superman?

I mean seriously a lot of these guys just scream legendary/book protagonists

Yi- Last master of a dying swordsmanship group that he wishes to revive
Leona- Noble Herald to an entire "religion"
Xin- Gladiator who was rescued while also displaying amazing battle prowess.

Sure, not ALL champions scream epic and legendary but a good amount do.

EDIT: Adding more

Skarner- The last of the crystal scorpions. The rest are asleep while he tirelessly works as a prophet/savior for his people.
Xerath- Ancient Mage of immense power who has only recently been freed.
Ashe- Queen of Ice land who tirelessly fought to give her people home
Tryn- King of Iceland who fought for his tribe after being nearly destroyed by Noxus

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League of Legends is called such because it is where legends participate and where they are born. Jax is a perfect example of this.