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Race for Fun

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Hi guys im Dreaking and i want to teach you How to play this game.
The game is played in the Crystal Scar and the team are 5 vs 5. At the start the captain of each the team are going to see if the another team cheats . The another 4 of each team go to the windmill and wait the lvl 6 and the race start with signal of start of the captain of the team 1. When the race start u cant go to the inside the Jungle u can only stay out. Each Champion has to do 5 laps (ecept the 2 captains) in the race u can only cc the other team and u cant enter in the base. When the race ends the captain of each team see the place where the others of his team were and say the score of his team:
First place:10 points
Second place:9 points
Third place : 8 points
Fourth place: 7 points
Fifth place: 6 points
Sixth place :5 points
Seventh place: 4 points
Eighth place: 3 points

The score more high win and the another team has to surrender if they dont surrender start capture.

The rules are:

1 If someone is trolling the game end immediatly and the host remade.
2 There are some permaban: Thresh, Twisted Fate, Pantheon, Nasus, Malphite,Blitzcrank , Nunu, Kassadin, Galio, evelyn and Kennen
3 You can only cast cc spell or movement spells.
4 You cant have slow items
5 You can only have 1 Shurelya/Youmuu'S ghostblade per team.
Well that rules are for now I hope you enjoy this new game and comment if you have an idea to improve this game.