Strange Intermitant Lag issues(from game to game)

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Ok so my issue is undoubtedly strange for someone like me, with very little knowledge of how these things actually work. I'll do my best to explain.

So this past week or so I've been noticing something strange as I go from game to game. I will play 2 or 3 games with no issue, ~80 ping and everything peachy. Every so often I'll queue into a game, and immediately into the loading screen and instead of the usuall 80-85 ping, I'll notice I have 125-140 ping (hovers right around there, never drops below 125). Now... that ping is not that bad, I've played with that in the past years. This is where it's strange. When I'm playing, and monitoring my ping, there will be no major ping change beyond 125-140, but it will distinctly feel like my ping spikes to i'd guess around 500-600 and stays there for about 10 or so seconds... then it goes back to normal. I know this because of the delay from my commands, to the characters actions. This is most frustrating because this more than likely costs my lane, and eventually leads to feeds (as the lag is inconsistant and sometimes comes in rapid bursts). I've tried my best to explain the issue with teammates, but I'm sure you realize I get a bunch of flame and bad mouthing from teams.

Also something to keep in mind, League of legends is currently the only game I've experienced lag issues while playing online. I could go through a whole slew of games that I play online, including MMOs that I rarely if ever have problems with even slight lag, much less these past couple weeks. Now I clearly don't have the best diagnostic skills but I play with 2 other people on this very same network in LoL and they haven't experienced any lag whatsoever, so I can rule out an ISP issue. I've also opened the resource monitor (network portion) during both type of league games, during laggy, and during non-laggy games and there is virtually no change in the TCP connections and Network Activity. In retrospect, I could have taken screens, but oh well

Something I must reiterate, that's so strange about it, that I've may not have mentioned, but the lag is clearly isolated to whatever league game I happen to be playing. I will litterally play 2-3 league games with 0 lag issues, then the next will be laggy (with 125+ ping) and lag from beginning of that game to the end, once that game is over 9 times out of the 10 the very next will be lag free... as if my connection was perfect the whole time. STRANGE i know.

ANY IDEAS?! I'm stupified!