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the new tribunal

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noxian councilor

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I will make this as short as possible since most of y'all don't like to read tht much.

This thread is to point out that no moderators are actualy aproving or cancelling bans from the tribunal community.

Bans come only from players and this clearly poses problems, i will give a quick explenation of each games the player was reported in and with chat log you can clearly tell whats going on.
this is done as objectively as possible and if an actualy riot employe is behind that ban, i feel like letting him go would probably be the thing to do as clearly he was to lazy to even read chat logs.

case reviewed: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/tribunal/en/case/6198613/

game 1:

reason of punishement approved (lulu ryze bot why)

The bot lane players is insulted all game by 3 toxic allies concerning the fact that bot lane concist of support lulu (target of ban) and ryze. Not only does the player not join them in the insult fest, but he tries to play good all game is not even bothered by the fact that in the end, hes the one trapped with a ryze on his lane ... Now after reading chat log, the 3 report that this support lulu received by her allies where from people beying extremely unpleasent in chat .
lulu clearly didint insult anyone, fed on purpose or went afk during that game

riot final word: punished, if ur adc trolls and you are on his lane, well its to bad for you my friend but the flaming team can ban you even if all u did is trying to support a loosing lane to the best of ur capacity
all they have to do is premade report spam

hard to believe a riot employee would ban lulu for getting insulted all game

game 2:

reason of punishement approved ("Zilean: im on a smurf
Zilean: u guys are all garbage nabs
Garen: says the fail troll
Garen: lol
Garen: ok kid
Garen: keep on talking&quot

hum, first off, these quotes are not even in chat log, is the employee lazy enough to not even look if matching text is in log ??

here again, zylean (target of ban)dosent insult or afk

he is flamed hard because he went zylean top thinking elise was top lane but she ended up jungle . he is flamed all game by his team and insulted by the other team also .

he keeps calm and plays the game as good as he can without raging

riot final word: punished, seems like counter picking is not allowed anymore, if you dont stick to the rigid meta u can literaly be banned. funny how a versatile game suddenly becomes boring as you cant even play the chars you like the way you think is good at that moment. all you need is premade flamers that spam report and a lazy rioter that dosent read chat logs .gg.

game 3:

reason of punishement approved:"Calls mid and plays cho and feeds and trolls cause he wasnt able to top lane Thresh"

no insult coming from cho (target of ban), he is 0 11 so it kinda looks like he is feeding at first, however everyone has bad games once in a while and both teams dont openly mention feeding in chat log ... an allie says cho will be reported for refusing to communicate but obviously that is very far from the truth ... cho talks about map awarness as he keeps getting ganked while allies are right beside him and he dosent receive any help. the worst thing cho says is, ''map awarness, u might want to learn tht'' after dying a few times mid while jungler is right beside him

riot final word: punished, if you are camped and get dived over and over again by 3 guys mid, while ur team never helps, you will be banned, in that situation, going afk to not feed or going to another lane to not get ganked will also get u banned. so as soon as u start getting camped, realise that you are getting closer and closer to a ban on your account..

and vice versa, if you camp lanes, know that the guy you are camping will probably get reported by his team and banned later on. its an heavy responsability to be a good team nowadays, actual people get banned as you constantly gank and dive them successfully so please dont be as potent and stick to ur lane so that people dont get reported.

game 4:

reason of punishement approved: (no reason given)

leblanc (target of ban), is carrying hard .. Vi goes afk at some point in game ..

leblanc as a slight rage outburst in the end of game as team leaves lb to tank fights over and over ... the most crude sentences used :

wake up guys

lol im the only one who knows whats up on this team

our support cant ward for **** yet i know where u guys are baddiez

useless team is useless

so here, even if no insults where used, you can feel the rage, this is our worst case so far on 4 games. however i feel like banning someone because he says useless team is useless is a bit over the border ...

riot final word: punished, baddies and useless are very insulting words, using those result in a auto ban. last time i checked an insult was more like,'''you ****in jew noob piece of ****'''

game 5:

reason of punishement approved: (no reason given)

lulu (target of ban) score 6 10 19

no afk, no feed no rage, in fact here is the whole chat log:

Lulu [All] [00:13:56] little squirels get nuked !
Lulu [All] [00:17:42] nidalee wanted to ks
Lulu [All] [00:17:45] fail nidalee
Lulu [All] [00:22:11] baited
Sivir [All] [00:24:38] lol
Lulu [All] [00:24:42] get nuked
Malzahar [All] [00:37:43] How
Nidalee [All] [00:48:39] gg
Lulu [All] [00:48:39] gg
Evelynn [All] [00:48:41] GG

clearly there is no reason to ban lulu here

riot final word: punished, because reading cases all the way up to the fifth game is to long and just spaming ban on players will get me to review more cases faster making me look more efficient while i get more free time for myself.

tl:dr: no employee works on cases from the tribunal, and if they do, they are not reading chat logs.
fix your sh*t riot.

--- a beta player

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Senior Member


1. This is the correct sub-forum for this post: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/forumdisplay.php?f=41
2. Being a beta player doesn't give your opinion on the Tribunal any extra weight.

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Wrong forum.