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So after being trolled in 3-4 promotional series to get to IV division, and going 1 win, then just needing 1 win from 2 remaining games I get the most ridiculous player's imaginable 3-4 promotional series in a row, so after finally grinding to a measley V to IV promotion after a few days of this, I get in IV, win my first game, cool 20 point's, Lose a game 8-5-7 back to 0, Lose another game 12-7-16, 2 jungle's................. , then after that ****, a bot lane that is 0-7 in about 7 minutes... ok so im like, k, Surely I wont get demoted for this and ill just work my way up

Boom, Demoted back to V, on 50 point's, few hours after finally getting promoted this happen's.... I think you should be given more of a chance at the bottom of a new Division, taking into account's the possibility of trolls, etc, or even take into account player performance, or I don't know detect feeding/trolling..... 2 Losses on 0 points Is just stupid, when your new to the division

I mean if i was in the division for awhile, and just skating around on 0-20 points for like 5 or so matches and then lose 2 at 0 points, fair enough, but to go into the division, win first game, lose a few and this happen's..

I thought you were trying to go a step in the right direction by not being able to be demoted from Leagues at all, apparently not