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Solo queue tips?

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A simple thread. I for one do not believe that someone being stuck in ELO Hell is their fault if they get bad teammates that ruin the game, I DO NOT have a problem with leavers or feeders, just bad players. Neither do I believe that the ELO system is the best way to rate players in solo queue in a heavy team-oriented game such as LoL. When will Riot ever notice? Premades are find as If you lose it's your team's fault, but in solo and duo most of the time you can have no control over win or lose, you try your hardest, but that 1 or 2 bad players just unravel all the work you put in, rarely, do I ever find a game where everyone di everything right and we lost simple from being outplayed. It's just a ROFLSTOMP game after game, only seen 2 games where we lost and we were simply outplayed, but I'm willing to compromise.

Let's say that ELO hell is non-existent and that It's my fault I'm stuck at 996 ELO because I suck. Let's say that if I was good I would be able to carry a team of baddies, despite them not listening to my advise or just being bad to the point you wonder how they got to level 30 or even why they play.

Let's say I belong in 996 ELO.

Any tips how to get out?

I last hit, but this tends to back fire as they all just auto-attack, making last hitting difficult I'f im sharing the lane or I'f im soloing, it makes it so that they can push really strong and I have to tower hug, which kills my last hitting.

I USED TO buy alot wards, but after realizing the fact that 90% of the time my team will not buy or use the wards I place effectively I stopped. I do buy that 1 or 2 ward to help myself out, but I don't buy after laning, as they can't use them effectively, or get baited by that one loner they see via ward and get ganked 5v1, super.

I USED TO play tanks, but the amount of griefing i receive even if I win or lose is just unbearable, in the end teammates tend to ignore the amount of times you save their ass or how much times the damage you tank in a typical teamfight would kill em and instead look straight at my 1/9/18 score and say I'm a feeder. I usually want to win by all means, but playing a tank isn't a sure way to win if your alot better, as your team can still be bad and focus the wrong targets, going to my 2nd point.

They never take my advice on who to focus, see that Kog'Maw in the back with madred's and IE? lets ignore him guys, even tho he dishes out 2k DMG in just 2 seconds, lets go for that fat meat tank thats hard to kill and has 3k HP / sarcasm

I try to play carries, and this what happens usually: No tanks, or bad tanks that never initiate while they have the advantage(it's 4v5, we just ganked 1 of them, so why are you hesitant to initiate? Oh lets wait till that guy res so its 5v5 again e.e)

I often jungle, but if anyone in low ELO can tell you, players often push so ****ing hard that it makes ganking while jungling impossible, And if your team is getting pushed hard they always stick around at the tower with HP/MP levels unsuitable for helping me gank.

I duo que often as I can, but even this does not garantee a win. Boosts my chances greatly, but overall even those 3 players can ruin it for me, like the last duo que match I had were out twitch took mid, then left the game. essentially losing our level advantage.

So I'm asking you, the forums the legendary knowledge of all things LoL, the 1600+ ELO players, heck even the 1400+. Any advice? Any tips? I'm not asking for what champion you play, just asking if their is anything else I might be missing?

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Same thing with wards here, only buy if solo top to secure myself, and of course you have to ward baron, but unless I see someone else also buying wards I wont waste gold.

Play a good jungler, get dragon always, gank and pray that the ganks are effective and your allies dont die before you can gank.

Get good runes, runeterra has a good guide on them (http://runeterra.com/forums/index.php?topic=1137)

And play for fun, if you are seriously trying for 1800+ elo youll just get frustrated

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abuse your team mates for free kills and carry.
in order to do so pick a champ that is well able to take on five ppl when not being focussed
veigar for example

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From a 1500 player:

Two ways to significantly increase your chances of winning at low elo:

1) Play a hard carry! Very few people ban twitch around 1000 elo. Most of your opponents don't understand how important it is to target and hence team comp is less important here than at higher elo. In my journey from 1200 up, I won 18 consecutive games with twitch simply because i was rarely focused correctly.

2) Learn to be a baller in the jungle. WW with 5 dragons before the 20 minute mark will win you games. Ward their blue. Ward their red. And gank gank gank.