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[DigiArt] NunuTaricKayleGarenRammusMumuGravesAnnie ... I can't think of a title =.=

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Hello LoL community, my name is xiero and here is my addition to the flood of digi-art submissions.

This was a highly ambitious digital watermelon of 3000x5000, and even in the larger image (not attached) I made sure to add as much detail as I could.

Regardless of how well I do in the competition, this piece was quite a learning experience for me and I feel happy with what I have created. There are some obvious bits I wish I'd had the time to clean up, but then, aren't there always.

I've looked over a few of the other entries, and some of the art there is scary good! I am relying more on creativity than artistic prowess here, and I hope you like what I've done.

Here you go, thanks if you read all that!


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looks pretty cool