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Corki as the quarterback

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First and foremost, I will start off with the statement that I am not as experienced in this game as others. This is also less of a guide and more of a statement of tactics for a high DPS champ with nuker capabilities and speedy getaway tactics. Feel absolutely 100% free to comment. Without critiques, I am left with only personal opinion.

I usually play solo matchmaker, which means often times my skill level is either exceeding the team I am on, or I am just as easily out of my depth. So what I have tried to do is mesh Corki into a system that allows me to adapt to all possible outcomes.

First and foremost a good corki should solo mid, unless a more experienced Ashe is available, in which then I usually prefer a tank but an experience eve or twitch can do. Ashe is a very GREAT teammate to Corki, they do no supercede each other, a Corki and an Ashe can be on the same team as long as they both are aware of potential gains for each other, and are willing to play as a duo. I will concede the mid lane to someone else as long as their champ has appropriate positive gains (For example Yi has potential great tower demolition abilities, and it is in my best interest to WIN the game to allow him to have those extra levels)

Usually 90% of the time I solo mid against Ashe. A good Ashe, I cannot kill. He will slow me, he will harass me, he will shoot me from behind minions, his range exceeds the range of my bombs. (other then my ult, but Ashe easily dodges rockets). It is up to me then not to die, or surrender my towers. The problem with this is that it is up to the other lanes to push, and create enough aggro to make Ashe need to help. This doesn't happen often.

So I coupled Corki's great damage with speed, berserker greaves and malady(Malady increases the versatility of gatling gun esp when coupled with Cleaver) are my first buys because of increased survivability( After those, working towards trinity can be very fun because you just keep seeing your damage results peaking exponentially). I usually have to "pick a fight", and due to that I am usually having to pick up heal and exhaust as summoner spells (I often don't get paired with solid healersand other summers usually get heal and teleport cause well... I really don't know, I should have teleport and not them, but... it's nearly pointless for ALL of us to have teleport).

I use my ult to make sure enemies have respect for my damage, and bombs to remind them to stay back. And between 8-10 (when I solo mid) I end up having to help out struggling lanes (which tend to be all but mine, unless I am playing with talented players) because Ashe is usually unwilling to take on towers till 12-14 due to increased opportunities for him being ganked.

I'll spend levels 8-14 creating ganking opoortunities, or playing the nuker and trying to recessitate some sort of lane push. I try not to stay in someone elses lane to long, unless they have stupid champs and I can get a kill or assist, but mostly to bring my compatriots in a position where they can start throwing shots at a tower.

Corki might be my favorite high DPS character due to valkeries useage as an escape tool. I hate using it as a tool to kill because it leaves me in akward positions usually behind the enemy line and heaven forbid there be a warwick around to disable me (I can kill warwick VERY easily, but on my terms not his, same goes for most other champs) Corki is versatile, and can take on most heroes, you just need to make sure its on your terms. My objective to create a substantially huge differential in the ratio of damage given and damage taken, not necessarily to not die, but to make 100% sure that if I do die, the enemy deserved the kill. Stupid death is feeding, smart death is making sure you make it the store to buy better gear. This is very obvious. Last night in a match, Ashe was amazing and killed me twice within the first 20min, I was then blamed as a feeder although he NEVER touched my tower. Very incorrect observation.

By the time I am 14-16 I am a damage support champ, I help allies get away with bombs and rocket barrages, I wittle down tanks health for kats and warwicks to finish off. I will sometimes try to 1v1 ashes or teemos to get an idea of where I am and how powerful they are by comparison (I sometimes die due to this, but I always take away enough data to know how to kill him). Also I am a line of defense, Corkis rockets have amazing range, and standing on top of the steps firing rockets down can and does keep an enemy assault from showing up and gives my allies enough time to not be dead.

IN other words.... maybe this would be the declaration that people start treating Corki a little bit like an Ashe. When someone picks Ashe the team knows what they are getting and plays accordingly. Corki doesn't seem to play very differently, depending on build. High DPS support. SUPPORT. (I've played AP versions of Corki, and against as well, and yea... I hate it, it just isn't versatile. It's a good build.... but bombs and rockets do crazy damage no matter what, so why not add gatling to the mix and increase surivivability)

By the way, if you read all this, god bless you, because I probably wouldn't have.

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A friend of mine introduced me to a similar concept for Corki, which can be used to great effect. I endorse this idea.

As to your problems with Ashe, my general solution if solo laning against her is pretty simple: ignore her till you get Missiles. If shes playing smart she won't get close enough for easy bombs/GG, she'll hang back trying to hit you with Volley, ignore her and slaughter the creeps, which in turn will force her back. I tend to spam bombs on creeps here as a solid Ashe wont let me get close enough to use GG on them for long.

Once you have missiles you can finally counter harrass, even if they are good at dodging you can still predict their movement or hope it kills some creeps. However at this point you should be strong enough to own ashe if you can get her in GG range, combo all your abilities and finish off with a Missile. Frozen Mallet is a must for Corki imo.

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Natu Utan

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Corki is one of my favorite characters. Of course Corki is a DPS, and always will be. All of his abilities can be combo'd together to deal MASSIVE damage, usually even killing the opposing champion. Multiple times using Corki, I've been able to score double kills, and once even a triple kill with his amazing splash damage.

That's the key with Corki, his splash. Giving him high damage and other support can make him very, very deadly. Frozen Mallet I also agree is a complete must. As Corki isn't a very fast character on his own, all slowing helps.