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League's ranked system: Not the fairest

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I'm pretty sure a lot of people have complained about this, but I have found the the new ranked system (or even the old ranked system) isn't the fairest.

Whilst Riot is probably working very hard to improve the quality of ranked matchmaking, I just want to put my thoughts out there:

When I saw the new Ranked System had been broken down into Leagues, I was excited to say the least. Finally I could see who was in my division (though it really didn't matter), but it pushed me to try to climb the ladder and be promoted and all that good stuff, right?

At the beginning of this season, I was on fire. I moved up two divisions quickly and then the infamous losing streak hit me. I was quickly demoted and now I am on a path where I am losing and winning games fairly equally. What I notice about this pattern is that it took me longer to earn enough points for qualifiers than it took for me to lose my points.

What shocked me the most is when I was demoted and the circumstances preceding it. I had played very well in my lane as Fizz and went 17-4, but the rest of the team was not as on point and we ended up losing, which is fair and I didn't have a problem with. What I had a problem with is the fact that I did so well and was demoted after the game. All high elo players boast about how elo is based on individual skill and play, but after that demotion I found that to be untrue. I was demoted and had 50 points in my League after a very good game (for me).

NOW, I will say that I have had bad games as well, and that I am not amongst the best League players in NA, but I will say that I am a damned good League player. Yet, it took me a while to grasp the concept of the game when I first started because this is my first MOBA/MMORTS, so of course I dropped quickly at first. Now that I have excellent map awareness, anticipation, timing, judgement, etc, it's still hard for me to climb the ladder because of the teams I am matched up with.

I almost feel that my league placement and promotions are in the hands of other players! I feel that to truly rank someone by their individual "skill" they should be scored individually but of course not solely because that would leave the support out to dry. There should be some sort of balanced scoring between individual skill and teamwork as well. This may help with another problem that I noticed; the unwillingness to play support in ranked (at least in my elo.)

I could see why no one would want to play support. Even though I love the role, it is a lot of pressure from the team to ward, heal, cc, or whatever. And of course, in the famous blame game that's always played by the losing team, the support or jungler is always blamed (sometimes rightfully so, just saying :P), but what people fail to understand under the heat of argument is that there is only so much the support can do if their team is throwing.

These are my thoughts and I know there are disagreements. I'm open for constructive criticism and all, just be polite when correcting or disagreeing, but I am very interested in what everyone else thinks as well.

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Your lolking profile:

http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/25261928#profile (http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/25261928#profile)

You support a lot. Perhaps too much (although you do win). Maybe try a pokey support like nunu/GP/lulu for teh lulz.

I'm stuck in Bronze V and it sucks. I've sent out so many reports it makes my head spin sometimes. Then it reminds me to go back to the Tribunal.

I completely agree with you, heck, I've even created a thread based off of your idea:

http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...0#post34847730 (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=34847730#post34847730)