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To all "Role Callers"

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hey got an idea how about this

1 before you even que you pick your favorite champ and 1 secondary champ
with both champ's you say beforehand what role you want to play with them

darius.... top or jungle
janna mid or supp

then you que

you get automically matched with other roles that people picked and you can be told hey we have a team here all they need is a supp and you can either way disagree or agree

wouldn't that save LOT of headaches

screw the banns in my opinion... if you cant handle a champ you cant really handle LoL

i mean i hate blitz with all my heart and guts but no matter what nerf they give him he will be permabanned for like forever and even i with all my hatred against him couldnt do that...

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gK Waldo:
The way I see it, you should be able to play 3 roles well before even considering ranked.

I can "play" every other role but I play them at a level much below top lane. If I carried myself up to near plat with what I'm best at my teammates will want me to play that instead of a different role.